Update on Jinx- Visit to the GI yesterday…

The appointment was today…I saw the ARNP, she was great. She was super sweet and very sympathetic. She said I was amazing Oh right, this is about Jinx

The Dr and NP seem to think that the antibiotics I had (IV @ 3days pp, then a 10 day round, then another 7 day round at 3 weeks pp) have caused inflammation in Jinx’s intestines. They think a bacteria called “C. Difficile” is growing there (also due to the abx). Weird that antibiotics would CAUSE a bacteria when that’s what they are supposed to kill, but go figure. Apparently the abx left her gut sterile, and a sterile gut with no bac at all will grow whatever is opportunistic.

Side note: We dropped off a stool sample for a 48hr culture on Friday and apparently they can’t find Jinx in the system, nice But the GI took another sample today and they are gonna culture that to see what’s up.

The NP did a rectal exam <insert screaming baby smilie here> and said everything felt normal from what she could feel (doesn’t mean everything is though, kwim?). After she did the exam, J pooped like you would not believe. I changed her, she pooped again, I changed her and she pooped again…okay we went through 4 diapers before she was done. But I am glad b/c the NP got to see firsthand how watery her poop actually is.

She was not surprised that the Tylenol with Codeine didn’t work at all anymore (even though Jinx has only ever had it 4 times) but she WAS surprised that the Levicin/Hyoscyamine Drops didn’t work She said the Probiotics were a good idea (something I knew already but always good to have confirmed by a professional). She was very adamant about how well Jinx is, that made me feel great. I so didn’t want anything bad to be wrong with my baby. I will be happy to know she has a bac in her gut that is treatable that will make the inflammation go away which in turn will make her comfortable in her own body again

Now for the treatment of the C Diff (if that’s what it turns out to be) is, yep, you guessed it ANTIBIOTICS! Wow, I am amazed that antibiotics can cause such a problem in my baby, then in turn be the only thing that can fix it! Glitch in the Matrix? Must be.

If it isn’t C Diff then we just chalk it up to “an immature digestive system.” I am so glad that it isn’t something more serious (unless of course her poo culture comes back wacky ).

Now for the weird part…the NP was going on about how great Jinx is and how well she is growing and she even pulled up a chart to show me from birth till now yadda yadda, look at the curvy line, etc. But OVER TWO WEEKS AGO (17 days) my baby weighed 12lbs 4oz and today she was 11lbs 13oz. I know the whole different scale thing and all but even if she was the exact same weight and not under from then, isn’t it weird that she hasn’t gained anything in that amount of time? I dunno, the NP and DR didn’t seem concerned. But I just had to throw that out there.

She also said that the choking on her spit up, losing her breath, etc., was normal. She said that if she turns blue or is struggling to breathe (very rapid breaths) I should be concerned. But she didn’t seem to think it was an issue. So should I cancel the appt I have with the Pulmonologist?

The reason her belly button pops out when she screams is because she has an umbilical hernia, apparently that’s no big deal either. They said that once she starts sitting up her belly muscles will be stronger and it’ll be fine.

So, that was our day.


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