Breastfeeding in public (warning – offensive content)

Women who breastfeed are constantly indecently exposing themselves. It really is quite offensive and someone should make it stop.

Look at this gal, did the modesty gene skip her?

Wait…Well, this is a bad example. Let’s try again.

Hmm…Just a minute. I’m sure I can find better ones than these…

Eh, still not offensive enough. I’ll check one more time.

That is better. LOOK AT THAT! I see about a half inch of boob. DISGUSTING.

UGH. Look at that indecency! She must be from some third world country to be exposed like that!

Now that’s just…There are no words to describe how inappropriate that is. Something needs to be done!

But why stop at breastfeeding women? There are boobs everywhere. Beware! If you thought the above photos were offensive, you WILL DEFINITELY be offended by the photos below.
coverNot this one, though. This one was in plain view on news stands and in mail boxes in 19 countries world wide!

Not this one, either. This one actually won an award!

Oh, and I guess this one is fine too. Everyone knows you can’t sell jeans without someone being topless.

Photobucket Or beer, for that matter.

Or sunglasses.

Or movie tickets.

Or CDs!!!

You know something just isn’t right with the world when the first series of photos are seen as offensive yet the second series are applauded and paraded around the country for all the world to see.

People who live in glass bras:
Shouldn’t throw stones:

Which message is healthier?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Breastfeeding which is medically approved to give HUMANS the best start in life. . . or

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Images that promote unnatural beauty standards, sexual promiscuity, plastic surgery, and just plain true indecency?

Which would you rather your daughter live up to?

If you think women have the right to breastfeed their children no matter where they are, please re-post this. Let’s support mothers in the most important health choice they make for their baby! Breastfed babies have lower instances of obesity, asthma, allergies, certain childhood diseases, learning disabilities, and other health problems. For each woman who feels like she shouldn’t be breastfeeding right where she is, there is an innocent baby who is losing out. Breasts were put there for a reason. And as pretty as they may be to some, their original purpose was intended for the sustenance of our young. Support breastfed babies and their right to eat in public like the rest of us.

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The fifth image on this blog is courtesy of Imagery by Saci: Model Deshaine with son Jet.

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My name is T. I am a homeschooling, home/water birthing, dreadlocked, special needs mama to four beautiful daughters. I'm married to my best friend. I am a natural childbirth and breastfeeding advocate. I have done some volunteer work as a peer counselor with WIC and as a doula with Birthwell Partners and plan to be a midwifery assistant one day. My blog was created to put some alternative information out there about breastfeeding, childbirth & other issues regarding motherhood and life in general. I hope that you enjoy reading here and visit me often. Thanks for reading!
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284 Responses to Breastfeeding in public (warning – offensive content)

  1. Erika says:

    Tara, that was awesome!

    • Brandon says:

      As soon as it’s ok for a grocery store to post pictures of how the meat is butchered and not hear one complaint, then women should be able to breast feed in view of others.

    • OK Gobot says:

      (Most) men do their best to reconcile the odd disjunction between sexualizing women’s breasts and knowing they are tools for reproduction. It’s ironic, of course, that the breasts are so highly sought after as sexual objects and then, once we’ve had the sex and possibly conceived a child, we men find it tough to stomach that they are something more than pleasure-givers. Why is this? I don’t believe it’s *only* because we can’t see them for their natural purposes in reproduction, but breastfeeding is also an act of such startling intimacy that it’s difficult to witness it in public. There is no other equivalent, though it does make people feel similarly to when they are witnessing a public make-out session (it’s a “get a room” sort of feeling).

      Is a public make-out session wrong? Not necessarily, though it does make people feel uncomfortable (in America). What about this: a man sucking a woman’s breast in public. A couple who performed this act would probably end up in jail. This is not to say that a feeding baby is equivalent to a man; I’m not looking at it in terms of who is doing the sucking (haha). I’m looking at it as a self evident act — public exposure and intimate contact. The differences between Janet Jackson’s Rolling Stone Cover and a woman breastfeeding publicly are 1) a woman breastfeeding will feasibly have to show her nipple at some point, whether the child needs a breath or she gets uncomfortable or whatever, and 2) the intimacy of a mouth in contact with skin. Showing nipples and sucking nipples is not socially acceptable in public, whether it’s a man and woman or a baby and woman or a dog and a woman.

      Personally, I could care less. But the issue seems to be about the social acceptability of nipple exposure and the striking intimacy of the act. The world might be a better place if people felt more comfortable displaying intimacy in public, be it breastfeeding or public declarations of love or whatever. But as it is now, this is not the case. Here’s the cold, hard fact of the matter; the only women who can get away with showing their nipples in public are movie stars and breastfeeding women. Movie stars can do it because they’re “sexy” (ugh), breastfeeding women can do it because it fulfills a human need (food for a baby). At present, there’s no law against breastfeeding on public property. So if people get a little grossed out, too bad for them. You can’t change their minds any more than you could change someone’s mind about the ickyness of two people making out in public.

  2. I breast fed all 4 of my children. It is a natural thing. How many ‘boobs’ in the other photos are natural??? hummm

    Keep breastfeeding!!!!!! If people are offended it is their own dirty thoughts. It’s our God given right as Mom’s to provide this to our babies.

    • Era says:

      i breastfed all my 4 children too (in fact still breastfeeding the 4th one, a 14months old boy).

      i totally agree with you. thanks to the author. glad to know moms all around the world are proud being a breastfeeding moms!

      -era, malaysia-

  3. Amy (mom23) says:

    That was very well done! The magazine covers really drove the point home!!

  4. TBTAM says:


  5. Judy says:

    Oh, great, great post. Definitely getsteh point across. But it comes back to the fact that it’s not the exposure of the breast that really bothers people, but is in fact the actual act of breastfeeding that offends people’s sensibilities.

  6. Lesley says:

    Not that you can see me…but I am giving you a standing ovation.

    Well put!

  7. Great post,I don’t think it’s the act of breastfeeding that offends people, it’s the fact that breasts have been hyper-sexualised to a degree that anything to do with them is seen as sexual. I think this is what makes some people uncomfortable, but really that’s their own issues at work, and we as breastfeeding mums shouldn’t have to hide away just because many people have a distorted view of what our boobs are for! The more women who nurse in public, the more common a sight it will become…

  8. Liz says:

    “but is in fact the actual act of breastfeeding that offends people’s sensibilities.”

    I’ve read a number of stories of women who were actually using a blanket to cover themselves who had people mouth off to them about doing “that” in public.

    NIP is sooo important to ensure that once that lot of morons* dies off (while I have and will pray for a change in their hearts, I suspect death will be more effective) there isn’t a new batch to replace them.

    *person with the logical abilities of an addlepated kumquat

  9. Darcy says:

    Loved it. Very, very well put 🙂

  10. Dawnella says:

    It’s that “look” the models always have…”sultry” I suppose is the intent, but often it seems to me more like anger, unhappiness, anxiety, insincerity…. but a mother with a child at her breast? Peaceful. Content. Warm. Loving. Tender. Confident. Honest. Happy. Beautiful.

  11. Shelli says:

    Best ever! How can I put that on a sign?

  12. Indigo Ottyr says:

    I love that! Thanks for putting this together.

  13. Robin H says:

    Oh that was great! You said it (and showed it) better than I could have. I just posted a link to your blog over on mine at


  14. Carrie H. says:

    I’d say,not only is it our God given right, but our God given responsibility…to provide the food which flows from the body that they protected them for so many months. (pregnancy) I’m personally offended that some manufactures believe that they can have a formula that compares to a mama’s milk! BTW, I was gonna stop around two or so, but my son doesn’t agree… at 4 he’s still nursing….and he’s a healthy happy little boy!

  15. Alecia F says:

    Wonderful! I love to see people make this exact point! Its sad to say I can wear a shirt that shows more boob than I do when breastfeeding, yet my shirt will get “good” looks and my breastfeeding will get “distain”.

    Good work!

  16. Debra says:

    I Just LLLove that, Very Well put!!!!!! I am A Pro-BREASTFEEDING Advocate And Will continue Breastfeeding MY 17month old son till HE weans Himself:)

  17. Emily says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. As my friend Greenfield says, “Pictures of breastfeeding on Myspace are indecent exposure, but not thirteen year old girls in their underwear. Fascism is fun!”

    I wonder what would happen if I were to post this on Myspace ….

  19. Rachel says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much for this. I’ve sent this link on to all my Mama friends!

  20. Marie says:

    2 Points for you, girl!! I’m far more discreet than those other pics, and occasionally cover up (to reduce child’s distraction) but people still frown. Thanks for the defense should the issue come up again!

  21. buzzdroid says:

    If ever there was a complaint that deserved official filing, this is it. Great job.

  22. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

  23. DSvT says:

    I just think it is ok to do breastfeeding in some corner of the place. Cause this action meant to feeding Baby, not to expose.

  24. thechaoscontinues says:

    Awesome post! I totally agree!

  25. bluemilk says:

    Well done! Great post against this insanity.

  26. J. says:

    Well, I think you told them!!

    I really loved this post.

  27. kellysmack says:

    Hooray for Boobies!

  28. planetnomad says:

    You expressed my views exactly, but the photos really made your point. I’m still amazed at all the fuss about breastfeeding–so illogical!

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  30. VERY well said! I wish everyone would realize the nursing in public is NOT wrong nor is there anything indecent about it. I nursed my little girl for a little under 2 years and thankfully, it was rare that I came across an ill comment. Funny thing…it was usually strangers who smiled & nodded their approval while some ‘friends’ I’ve known for years looked down on it. Mindblowing, huh?!

    Thank you for the wonderful post!

  31. thoughtsfromthetrailer says:

    That was awesome, I actually was thrown out of a restaurant for breastfeeding my daughter. I think everyone should stop and look at this blog.

  32. euphrosyne1115 says:

    Images are so powerful when they’re used well. Brava!

  33. milysmilune says:

    Do you know that I love you for posting this ? LOL

    Can’t believe that facebook is deleting breastfeeding pics because of…. obscenity !!!

  34. diatribal says:

    That was awesome. I’m linking your post!!

  35. helenahildur says:

    You sure have a keen eye for absurdities. If we happen to be gifted with children as well as breasts, let’s be thankful – and proud!(I’ve breast-fed four, too.) And don’t forget, you can also supply breast-milk for those who can’t. Good luck to you! Helena Hildur W.

  36. Loved that piece! Most women are on ur side honey! x
    Much Love x

  37. Renee K. says:

    Great job! I nursed my three year old in public recently. He was upset because he really, really, really wanted something, but couldn’t have it. And it wasn’t like I was being mean, it was a display model that wasn’t for sale. Poor kid. I am a big supporter of a mom’s right to nurse and a baby’s right to eat, no matter where they are.

  38. Janine says:

    In London, England, I got told off all the time for breastfeeding my daughter – it just made me all the more determined to continue. However, the day I visited the Military College in Greenwich, I got some rather unexpected support. In one of the entrances to the chapel there is a statue of Mary breastfeeding Jesus – I sat in one of the pews and breastfed my daughter, telling myself that if it was good enough for Mary, it was certainly more than good enough for me! Breasts have definitely been highjacked by the “Sex sells anything” industry. I think we have to challenge daily how womens bodies are used in advertising and demand balanced and realistic images of people of all types and ages. I would like to see the images above published for a less enlightened audience – maybe, just maybe, some of them would get it??

  39. Marjolaine L says:

    Right on!! I’ve nursed both my kids, and woe betide the person who tells me to a) cover up, or b) do it in the bathroom, or in some other place. I love this!! Great job! I’ve posted the link to this in my Facebook 🙂

  40. Carolyn says:

    Every time I see a nursing mother I want to cheer. It shows me that the mother loves their child and is giving them the best they can to help their child thrive. Excellent!

  41. Rachel says:

    Good job! This is already being passed around as a bulletin on MySpace. 🙂

  42. Ginger says:

    I 100% agree! Even if some boob is showing in public oh well, my kid’s gotta eat. Get over it! Eating is not something we should have to hide or heaven forbid do in a bathroom! That is just wrong.

  43. Lisa Rabin-Smith says:

    Awesome – well done for showing how it is.

  44. Janet Hardy says:

    Couln’t have been said better!!! What a mixed up world we live in! I’m a 56 yo mother of 9 who spent approx 15 years of her life breastfeeding. I loved it and wasn’t about to be put in 2nd class accommodations! My 31 yo old daughter is now a proud mother of 4 and 1 on the way and she too is proud and happy to breastfeed wherever and whenever!! Nurse on!!

  45. Sarah says:

    bravo. Children have a right to eat when and where they are hungry, if others are offended they can put a blanket over their heads. If we all NIP now maybe our babies will have an easier time when they have children. Proud NIPing mama to 2 boys.

  46. thetardyteacher says:

    Aw. Some. I’m linking this too.

  47. Laura Gunning says:

    I think the people who are offended by breastfeeding in public are ones who see only one purpose for breasts, and its not the one being displayed when a mother feeds her child. Somehow our society has forgotten that ALL MAMMALS feed their young milk from MAMMARY GLANDS (breasts). We need to see more women remembering the primary purpose of those things that hang off the front of us. I am proud to count myself a staunch supporter of women breastfeeding their children wherever and whenever they need to be fed.

  48. Elle says:

    Well done! I guess such a comparison never even crossed my mind but it makes perfect sense.

  49. great job! i saw this posted on maya’s mom this other day too. i’m not sure where it originated, but it makes some great points.
    thanks for fighting the good fight. 🙂


  50. Debbie says:

    Fantastic but how sad that this is how our culture works! It is usually my mother and father who appear embarassed about my nursing my daughter at 21 months old – I thankfully have not had any unpleasant comments but have been shown the bathroom / toilets on many occasions when I have asked if there is somewhere to feed my baby when out.

  51. Meg says:

    Wow.. that was awesome. A baby needs to eat and people frown on that.. uuggghhhh!
    Sorry guys tits are for kids.. I always love this phrase. You go girl!!!! That was awesome!

    Love: Boo

  52. Jen says:

    Followed a link from Wacky Mom- Excellent post!! When I was a high school teacher, I saw way more breast than I ever showed when nursing.

  53. Julie says:

    Perfect example of our insane culture and its tolerances! Boobs are wonderful so long as they don’t function as they’re intended – augh!

  54. Lady says:

    Wonderful! You’ve proven the point very well and visually, so even the stupid ones should understand!

  55. zussss says:

    Thank you for this fantastic post!

  56. Mama Lisa says:

    I love this. I can’t wait to share it with many.

  57. the zipster says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve cited you on my blog. 🙂

  58. Laurie Vanderhoof says:

    In hopes to secure my position as your truly and most udderly offensive friend.

  59. Laurie Vanderhoof says:

    Nevermind, the picture didn’t show up. I’m sending it to your email.

  60. Claire says:

    Fantastic! It’s about time the hypocrisy was dealt with.

  61. Nancy says:

    What an astounding comparison!! Rocks!! I breastfed all of my children and I feel that it is a thing of beauty…Isn’t that why God Made breasts?
    Thanks for sharing

  62. This is great! Thanks, it gives us perspective on the issue. I have always said our culture wasn’t afraid of breasts, we just don’t know what to do with a child attatched to them. It doesn’t surprise me, the way our culture is becoming obsessed with negative headlines and indecent behaviour it seems appropriate we are uncomfortable witnessing a truely unselfish act of giving, nuturing and love such as breastfeeding.

  63. Lea says:

    Love it – thank you !

  64. motherofbun says:

    What an awesome post! And yes there is a TON of hypocrisy going on there. And its not often addressed. Thank you for this…

  65. Momish says:

    I think you are my hero! Well done and very true to the point of making rise out of my chair and hoot!

  66. Marisol says:

    totally in favor of breastfeeding anywhere, anytime our babies are hungry. More than a mother’s right is our children’s right and necessesity to be fed.

  67. VDog says:

    You are sofa king AWESOME!! I am linking to this today, as a follow up to my post, “Boycott Bill Maher” of yesterday.

    YOU RULE!!!

  68. VDog says:

    You are sofa king AWESOME!! I am linking to this today, as a follow up to my post, “Boycott Bill Maher” of yesterday.

    YOU RULE!!!

  69. geishaindisguise says:

    That was Awesome!!! Thank you! *slow clap*

  70. Rene says:

    I completely agree. I just give dirty looks back when I nurse in public.

  71. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve got my own two cents to put in:

  72. Kris says:

    Awesome!! VERY well done!
    Thanks for sharing this!

    Found you from Moms Speak Up, by the way.

  73. chantellabella says:

    Absolutely brilliant. The pictures pretty much sum it up.

  74. bitsyparker says:

    Are the citizens of the USA devolving? Next we’ll be bringing back electric shock therapy.

  75. Lisa Milton says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. {The pictures tell it all.}

  76. Meleah says:

    Thank you for this post, this should be a commercial shown during prime time tv.

  77. Veronica Mitchell says:


  78. CrystalG says:

    Love it. I so find the latter pics so wrong. Especially when my two boys and me are watching tv and something like this comes on. But the’ve saw their mom bf baby sis for sure. I was talked out of bfing them years ago. But an determined to bf her. If for no other reason than to make some people mad and prove I can. I wish there was some way I could print this and take it with me wherever I go. Great stuff. Thanks.

  79. Andrea says:

    This has to be the best post on the whole breast feeding is obscene business.

    I can’t breastfeed due to medical reasons (had a breast reduction that detached my nipples from my milk ducts). However, that doesn’t mean I think public breastfeeding is obscene.

    Oh, and I love your blog design. Reminds me of my own, concidentally enough. Shows taste. And after this post, I’m going to be subscribing to you in bloglines.

  80. LawyerMama says:

    FABULOUS POST! I wrote about this too last night and posted some of my breastfeeding photos. The one photo I could find of any actual breast was very similar to the last breastfeeding photo you posted.

    Thanks for pointing out the hypocricy!

  81. jenn says:

    that was awesome. such a good way to point out our country’s obsession with boobs, and how ridiculous it is for people to raise a stink of any kind about the most natural thing on this earth…….a mother breastfeeding her baby!

    maybe some of these celebrity moms will do a photoshoot of themselves and their babies to promote breastfeeding! gwen stefani, angelina jolie, naomi watts?

  82. cyngs says:

    i was just thinking about a making a video, myself, of women breastfeeding juxtaposed with scenes from movie trailers shown on tv of the “torture porn” genre–like Hostel etc.

    oh, the horror of a woman feeding her child

    good job!

  83. Lis says:

    Thank you!!

    you are awesome:)

  84. Pingback: Anonymous

  85. Perspective is exactly what we need on this issue. I love this post.

    I’ve added you to my rolling blogroll of posts on this subject, as well as submitted your post to sk*rt and Stumble Upon. This is ridiculous, so the best way to approach it is with tongue in cheek and firmly planted feet.

  86. Tere says:

    That was fucking excellent!

  87. Obsidian says:

    Well Said!

  88. E says:

    That was GREAT!!! I have been wanting to do something like this but kept putting it off, Glad to see it done.

    This world is so pathetic, I don’t know how on earth they justify saying breastfeeding is offensive and then seeing those disgusting pictures plastered everywhere in our society. What a bassackward world we live in!

    RIGHT ON and THANKS for doing this!!! I hope it gets spread around and many people will see it!

  89. slackermommy says:

    You rock! I love this post. It has made my list of all time favorite posts.

  90. Jenny says:

    I linked this post to my blog. Excellent.

  91. Bill says:

    I think there are good points made on both sides of the argument. On the one hand, I think we humans, pretty much everywhere in the world, have become ashamed of our bodies. It’s not just breast feeding we shouldn’t have a problem with, it’s every part of the body, male or female, that we shouldn’t have a problem with. That being said, a reality such as that hasn’t been true since native or indigenous cultures were the norm of human existence. The Native Americans were nude when Columbus arrived, and they thought nothing of it, and I’m sure they couldn’t have cared less about a woman breast feeding.

    But, we live in western society. And as a matter of consistency, I think it’s reasonable for people not to want to see a random woman’s breasts. It’s no more unreasonable than not wanting to see some random man’s penis or not wanting to allow men to walk around a public mall shirtless. And Bill Mahr does make a good point, you could easily breast feed your child before you go to the mall or prepare a bottle, with breast milk in it if you wish, before you go out in public. It’s not other people’s fault if you don’t plan ahead. We all live together in this society that is so ashamed of our bodies, to not allow breast feeding in public is fair and consistent with all other laws telling us to cover up.

    • Shenelle says:

      Really Bill, have you ever tried to feed a baby, who is used to breastfeeding, a bottle?! No? I didn’t think so! Next time I am at the mall after just having breastfed my baby at home, and the kid decides it needs some comfort and nourishment because of the crazy change in scenery, I will look you up and gladly hand my child to you to calm down in whatever way you see fit!! You seem to know more about it than I do anyhow.
      Boo hoo that you are ashamed of your body! I am not, I know what it was intended for! Maybe you should go to the mall more often and walk a few laps. While you are there, if you are so worried about randomly seeing some womans breast, maybe lobby the mall to get a mother’s room, one that is not a toilet stall.

    • Emma says:

      Wow, bill.I’m 14 and i dont have a baby, or baby brothers or sisters but i think you’re being a selfish pig. breast feeding is the most natural thing in the world. so if a woman started giving birth in public you’d tell them to go somewhere else? I’m sure YOU were once breastfed in public. Babies need milk to survive and you’re saying we need to deprive them just because some people find it offensive to see about 5 cm of a boob? it’s pathetic. and most women find the post you put up as offensive so you’re kind of being a hypocrite.

  92. Bill says:

    One last point. Many posters think there is nothing more natural in the world than a mother breast feeding her baby. But do you continue that train of thought to conclude that there is nothing more natural than our own bodies, male or female, and that there should be nothing wrong with our bodies being exposed?

    • April says:

      In response to your question, Bill, I do believe that there is nothing wrong with our bodies being exposed. In response to something else: Bill Mahr has never breastfed a child, so he doesn’t know. Sometimes even when you’ve fed your little one five minutes before walking out the door, and you only plan to be gone for half an hour, the little bugger will be hungry again in a matter of minutes. Breastfeeding isn’t like bottlefeeding – a little one will gorge on a bottle and “top themselves off” – breastfeeding, not so much. Also – as far as pumping before you leave so that you have a bottle to give your little one – it doesn’t always work like that either. Breasts produce milk on a supply-and-demand cycle, so if you’ve been feeding your little one all day (as you should), then you don’t have any “extra” milk to pump before you walk out the door. Long story short, it *is* possible to plan ahead – on paper. But in reality, those solutions aren’t workable.

      Thanks for sharing your opinions in an educated manner. =)

      • Amaryllis says:

        If that’s true, then how do women who work pump milk and feed their children when they’re gone? I’ve known mothers who’ve continue breastfeeding for a year or more this way. Even though the kid never drank out of a bottle before mom returned to work, somehow when it’s necessary they do it. The kid isn’t going to let himself starve to death. So there you go, a little planning, and you can pump and feed your child out of a bottle. Happens every day.

  93. misty davis says:

    haha wow, offensive alright. how funny! thats the truth though

  94. ShifterCat says:

    Those pictures of blissful babies are so cute, I think my ovaries just jumped up and smacked me.

  95. Joanna Marie Halinski says:

    Breasts have a function. They feed our children. The REAL offense is when a mother gives her child a plastic bottle with a rubber nipple filled with a synthetic processed formula!

    • mynameis says:

      As much as you don’t like to be judged, don’t do the same for a mom who chooses to feed her child with formula. Not everyone is able to nurse and the important thing is that mom’s feed and love their babies. I breastfed my babies but also used formula and they are very healthy kids.

  96. cate says:

    this post perfectly spells out how asinine this whole thing is…it’s just ridiculous!

  97. Jes says:

    THANK YOU!!!! that is such a good blog. Wonder why the newspapers and News stations don’t use this.

  98. Sarah says:

    This is genius. Perfect.

  99. ramblesrantsnraves says:

    Perfect! Just added a link to your article in my blog. Thank you!

  100. Colleen says:

    To Bill….there are new studies that show that there are side effects to giving bottles INCLUDING bottles of human milk! Some of the basic neurological connections that babies brains make ONLY happen through physical contact, mostly while breastfeeding. Bottle feeding doesn’t do it.

    Besides…not all mothers can succesfully express milk. And most babies cannot go longer than an hour and a half between feedings. Many go much less. It’s simply not feasible to only feed at home or bring bottles if you are nursing…one of the great advantages of nursing is that babies are completely portable, grab a diaper, and you are ready to go!

    Allowing for optimal growth in children is MUCH more important than feeding into a societies hang ups about being ashamed of the their bodies!

    It’s much to society’s benefit to support women nursing…if all children were breastfed for only a few months (3, for instance), we would save billions of dollars in health costs, lost work, and money saved on equipment…and that doesn’t take into account people’s happiness in having healthier, smarter kids, nor society’s benefit to having smarter kids!

    You do know, don’t you, that there is not one law, not one, in any state, that outlaws breastfeeding in public. Some try to use general public decency laws to ban it, but it’s not what those laws were designed for (back when most were passed (pre-1930), most children were breastfed, in public!), and those uses are usually not successful.

  101. Wonderful post! I’m glad there are still folks pushing to point out what seems obvious to those of us who have breasfed! What makes me sad is that I breastfed 28-30 years ago in the US; and my daughter (with a 1 year old nursing child) is still putting up with the ridiculous idea that our breasts are vulgar when used as food.

  102. Elaine says:

    AWESOME does not contain it! Thanks for posting!

  103. Dani Arnold says:

    Thank you so much!!!! one of the best blogs I’ve read in ages!!!
    If you don’t mind I’ll be passing it along to…..everyone!!

  104. Sara says:

    AMEN! 🙂

  105. Wendy Jolliffe says:

    Love it! Very nice photo essay. I will be posting this link on my facebook! Thanks.

  106. Alison says:

    This in answer to Bill’s comment.

    I have several responses to your comments (and others like them). First, yes we should breastfeed as it is not about exposing our breasts it is about feeding our babies. Next, maybe if enough people did it, there would be a change to the aftermentioned issues with western society. Thirdly it is the constitutional right of our babies to be fed when they need it (therefore it does not fall under the same category as say, showing a penis in public). Finally, as for the pumping and putting it in a bottle I would estimate, based on observation, that about 20 – 30% of babies will NOT drink from a bottle – so I guess that the mothers’ of those babies sould just stay home until they are eating solids.

    As for the original post – fantastic!! Apparantly western society only takes issues with breasts that have children attached to them.

  107. WorksForMom says:

    FANTASTIC post. You nailed it.

  108. Trailer Thoughts says:

    Part of this is due to a major double standard that we have in life. It is ok to see a man with out a shirt but for a woman it is public exposure and when breastfeeding you have less of your breast showing than some women show in their bathing suits. I wonder what people think women were given breasts for, they are not just ornamentation they have a purpose.

  109. Tamara says:

    I nursed all 5 of my sons. I did it because it was the best for my children’s health. Great job on pointing out that those who have a problem with it sure enjoy seeing the non lactating boobs. People need to find a new hobby. Focus on causes that really are ruining our enviroment & leave us to raise our children the best we can. It is hard enough without their negativity.

  110. Megan O says:

    Wow! Great post! I am pro-breastfeeding, which I had done it longer, but right on! My oldest is five and I breast fed her till I went back to work, I was only 19 and didn’t have much knowledge on breastfeeding. Then, I was 20 and had a set of twins and was definitely more determined… I breastfed them, and pumped and put breastmilk in a bottle (to make it easier on me, since I was going to college full time and such) I did it for six months though! Again, which I had done it longer, but any breastmilk is better than none! 🙂 Well, great post!!!!!

  111. Don says:

    “think there are good points made on both sides of the argument. On the one hand, I think we humans, pretty much everywhere in the world, have become ashamed of our bodies. It’s not just breast feeding we shouldn’t have a problem with, it’s every part of the body, male or female, that we shouldn’t have a problem with. That being said, a reality such as that hasn’t been true since native or indigenous cultures were the norm of human existence. The Native Americans were nude when Columbus arrived, and they thought nothing of it, and I’m sure they couldn’t have cared less about a woman breast feeding.

    But, we live in western society. And as a matter of consistency, I think it’s reasonable for people not to want to see a random woman’s breasts. It’s no more unreasonable than not wanting to see some random man’s penis or not wanting to allow men to walk around a public mall shirtless. And Bill Mahr does make a good point, you could easily breast feed your child before you go to the mall or prepare a bottle, with breast milk in it if you wish, before you go out in public. It’s not other people’s fault if you don’t plan ahead. We all live together in this society that is so ashamed of our bodies, to not allow breast feeding in public is fair and consistent with all other laws telling us to cover up.

    Comment by Bill — September 19, 2007 @ 5:48 pm ”

    Did you even read what this person wrote? Look at the pictures? It seems like people think seeing breasts is okay only when a baby is not on them. Breastfeeding would be consistent with all of the other laws. I see more boob on the beach, concerts, and in stores. A baby covers any of the OMG nipple. It’s kinda funny how you are okay with seeing some plastic nipple and not a real one. What if I wore plastic boobs filled with formula on my chest? If breastfeeding is comparable to whipping out your penis then bottle feeding is like bringing out your dildo.

  112. Shirley says:

    We should always be modest. Including the
    celebrities…who would not be be famous
    if they were modest! It is always immodest
    without exception to reveal the breasts.
    I have never had to and no one has to! We
    only reveal the breasts to ‘show off’ and
    be noticed. Same with tight tops.

  113. jen says:

    awesome blog!

    to bill-what, exactly, does seeing a man’s penis have to do with breastfeeding? yes, our bodies are natural, but there is an inherent difference between a man waggling his penis in the open air, and a woman exposing a bit of breast in order to nourish her child!

  114. Clare says:


    Someone sent me the link to this post – it’s simply brilliant! Can’t believe I’ve never read your blog before but am now subscribing to it 🙂

  115. catherine says:

    Brilliant! I’ve heard lots of people making this point about how hypocritical to complain about breastfeeding when breasts are seen as perfectly ok to use to sell magazine and other products, but this makes it in such a clear, witty and visual way. Should be shown on prime time tv and to kids in high schools.

  116. Josh says:

    The only problem I have with women breastfeeding in public is that it makes me want to toss one off. And sometimes you can’t find a good place to do it right away, so I have to squeeze one out undertheath the table in the restaurant. It just feels awkward after I finish.

    Hey, here’s his e-mail!!

  117. notthemama says:

    Awesome post. Thank you for putting that together. It’s amazing how twisted society can be.

  118. Gail says:

    God made tits for me to fondle and admire, it is simply a coincidence that they produce milk after a woman gives birth!

    Here’s this idiots e-mail as well

  119. Gail says:

    Last of all, why would any child still be on the breast at 21 months?

  120. Pingback: Not The Mama

  121. Jamie says:

    to comment on the pig above saying that a women’s breats are only to be fondled, he’s wrong. God designed a woman’s breast to nurish her children AND to be a pleasure to her husband.
    I have no problem with a woman breastfeeding her child. What does bother me are the women who feel entitled to do it in public, like at a restaurant or in the mall on one of the benches where everyone who walks by can’t help but notice what you’re doing. Breastfeeding is a non-sexual intimate bonding experience between a mother and her baby and doesn’t need to be broadcast to the public. If a breastfeeding mother is out getting errands done or out for whatever reason and it’s time for your baby to eat then please have the courtesy to do so somewhere a little more private. As far as advertising goes, there’s nothing that we can do about that because unfortunately those particular kinds of ads do sell whatever the product is. It’s a shame. But for you breastfeeding mothers out there is it so difficult to ask that you find somewhere else to nurse your baby rather than in broadview of everyone?

    • Ticia says:

      Why should i have to move to feed my child? The bottle feeding mom doesn’t have to move, why should i? It’s as if all the breastfeeding mothers have to go and hide in a bathroom because the rest of American Society doesn’t know how to understand that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. If it offends you i hope to science that you go and tell the teenager in the skimpy ass skirt and bikini top that barely covers her breast to put a top on so that you feel more comfortable. This is the stupidest debate yet. There are laws in place in our country that states that we (breastfeeding mothers) can nurse whenever and wherever we want to and not have to bend to the sick thoughts of society. Grow up.

    • Shenelle says:

      Where exactly, oh Knowing One, would you recommend we go?! All the way home? I’m not done my erands yet, I still need to get those diapers. Oh out in the car? Well, you are just a jerk! You go out to your car to eat your lunch. I don’t care that it’s freezing cold, or swealteringly hot. I don’t want to see you chew with your mouth open, it makes me sick!

  122. jen38 says:

    This is a wonderful commentary on our very twisted perceptions on breastfeeding. Thanks so much!
    P.S. I am acutally nursing my baby while I type this message, no joke!

  123. Ettina says:

    My younger brother nursed until he was 4 years old. I was also nursed as a baby. When I have kids, I’m planning on nursing them if possible.
    Personally, as a sexual abuse survivor, I found many of those revealing pictures painful to look at (especially where the guy’s covering her breasts) but at most felt only very slight discomfort in the most revealing breastfeeding picture. Mostly I was interested in the baby, not the breast.
    I don’t think we should be disapproving of bottle-feeding, however. Mothers are being constantly judged on their parenting for all sorts of reasons, and it’s just not fair. If you see a woman bottle-feeding their baby, remember that you don’t know their situation. For all you know, they may have some medical condition that makes it unsafe to breast-feed (eg cancer – chemo is bad for babies). They might be adoptive mothers or something like that. Their child might have a cleft palate or some such condition that makes nursing difficult. You just don’t know.

  124. Marla says:

    Nursing has been a warm and wonderful experience. I’m happy to be able to provide my baby with nutrition as well as immunity against illnesses. Never let the small-minded people bother you!

  125. Heather says:

    To Bill

    I think there are good points made on both sides of the argument. On the one hand, I think we humans, pretty much everywhere in the world, have become ashamed of our bodies. It’s not just breast feeding we shouldn’t have a problem with, it’s every part of the body, male or female, that we shouldn’t have a problem with. That being said, a reality such as that hasn’t been true since native or indigenous cultures were the norm of human existence. The Native Americans were nude when Columbus arrived, and they thought nothing of it, and I’m sure they couldn’t have cared less about a woman breast feeding.

    Actually, in most other countries, they don’t give a fig. My British friends never commented, and so many people from other cultures just plain can’t figure out what the big deal is. It’s not uncommon to see women in other countries… even Muslim countries! Nursing their children.

    But, we live in western society. And as a matter of consistency, I think it’s reasonable for people not to want to see a random woman’s breasts.

    Of course not. But when a mother is nursing, there is nothing to see. Really. Oh, you might get a flash of nipple now and again, but unless a mother is being deliberately exhibitionist (and I frequent places where nursing moms gather… I have NEVER seen this, not in two years of being a nursing mother) you’re going to see the back of a child’s head.

    There is no right to not be offended protected in the constitution. However, in the majority of states, a mother’s right to nurse her child wherever they are both permitted to be is protected by law.

    It’s no more unreasonable than not wanting to see some random man’s penis or not wanting to allow men to walk around a public mall shirtless.

    No comparison to the former; One is illegal, the other is not. I personally have no problem with men walking around topless, and incidentally, many places in other countries (at least one province in Canada, for example) permits women to do the same.

    And Bill Mahr does make a good point, you could easily breast feed your child before you go to the mall or prepare a bottle, with breast milk in it if you wish, before you go out in public. It’s not other people’s fault if you don’t plan ahead.

    Actually, it has nothing to do with planning ahead. I live 30 minutes away from my mall. That’s an hour round trip. My child nursed every hour and a half to two hours. If I go to the mall (for example), I’m generally there for at least an hour or more… especially if I have to eat.

    As for pumping? Many women can’t pump at all. I wasn’t one of them, but my daughter refused to accept a bottle. I could shove one in her mouth all I wanted, but she was just going to sit there and squall. Why should she want cold or lukewarm old milk when she can have it right from the tap, and it’s RIGHT THERE? In an infant that is too young, providing a bottle too soon can actually sabotage the nursing relationship, by causing nipple confusion or preference. So do you honestly think a mother should risk completely ruining her nursing relationship just on the off chance some random prude is offended by the back of her child’s head?

    I. Think. Not.

    We all live together in this society that is so ashamed of our bodies, to not allow breast feeding in public is fair and consistent with all other laws telling us to cover up.

    Oh, I see, so just because some people are offended by the act of feeding a child, my child should have to suffer? The choice is yours, my friend: A screaming, hungry infant wailing at the top of her lungs, who doesn’t understand why mommy isn’t feeding her -now-, or us quietly sitting, minding our own business, eating.

    Which is more disturbing to your day?

    I always carry a blanket with me. Not for my daughter, since she refused to nurse under a cover from day one… but for those who need it to cover their heads so that they are never permitted to see anything potentially offensive.

    Personally, I’d like to not have to see fat women in spandex, or hairy-shouldered guys in wife-beaters, but you won’t see me walking up to them asking them to cover up.

    The point is, as adults, we are all responsible for our own comfort levels. When you grew up, you stopped needing mommy to protect you from things that make you uncomfortable. As a mother, I am responsible for my own comfort, and that of my child. My child’s supercedes my own, so when she is hungry, I WILL feed her. I’m not responsible for the comfort of those around me. I’m considerate enough by not making a big deal out of it, by not exposing more than I have to, and by not letting her scream. You can be considerate enough to mind your own business.

  126. Michelle says:

    HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!My 16th year of nursing nonstop is coming up on Oct 10th. Praise God I have never had to hear a negative word about me doing it in public but oh boy if looks could kill I would be dead a 1000 times LOL.
    Posted 9/27/2007 12:34 PM by coolmomofeight

  127. ha says:

    To Jamie- God gave you eyelids and a neck, use em.

  128. Al_Pal says:

    Fantastic post–great job! Brava!
    I’m not a mother, but I totally support my sister NIP and our mom BF us and our siblings for years. Hooray for Breastfeeding!

  129. Claire says:

    wonderfull, this should be a national campaign advertisement for breastfeeding mothers and the ignorance we experience because of our natural nature towards feeding our babies. Everyone breastfeed in public no matter what looks or comments you recieve, you are all doing a brilliant job!!!

  130. Darlene says:

    This was the most eye opening response on the matter I’ve ever seen. I nursed my children and am glad I did. I gave them the best start in life I could.

  131. Rakesh says:

    Respective people,

    Breast feeding is the pure relation between mother and her kids, why to see it as exposure? If it is public then that mother should take care of it but there is no need to make any comments on the mothers who are feeding to children instead we should respect.

  132. whaddyamean says:

    Thanks for post.. fantastic. Does put it all into perspective doesn’t it..

    Sad to see there are a couple of comments from the misinformed of the world.

    DSvT.. I can find a corner to feed my child so some poor souls eyes won’t pop out at the thought or God forbid the sight of a child feeding. I think that corner is reserved for those folks who can’t stand to see the light, enjoy it while my child and I sit and enjoy the view.. stuff those who are offended – not my problem.

    and BILL what can I say, Bill Bill Bill… get over yourself. How offensive can you be. Your body after many years is regulated. You can plan all you like Bill but when that there baby of mine wants a feed and I’m refusing because I didn’t PLAN it I’m sure you’ll sit next to me and listen to the SCREAMS as STARVATION starts.. good idea. Good plan BILL.

    Jamie – you are sort of on the right track but so way off base ….. in fact you contradict yourself. You agree it’s good as long as you aren’t put off your food, don’t have to walk past and see nature at it’s most primal. OMG Maybe you should walk down the other side of the street where the addicts are shooting up, the drug sales happen, those folks being bashed are and I’m sure you will feel so much better…!!

    Why is it still about the mothers right to breastfeed though? Isn’t it really about a child’s right to the most natural and beneficial food?

  133. RC says:

    Although I didn’t nurse in public (personal decision), I didn’t have a problem with others choosing to do it – as most were discreet like you pointed out. I love how you compared it to the magazine covers and ads! Isn’t it amazing how it is sending a “sexual image” when you are breastfeeding, but apparently just smart marketing when you advertise using breasts? Very cute blog article!

  134. Joanna says:

    I wish to publicly apologize for my previous post. I am sick with regret and hope that I did not hurt anyone! My thought for the day “Think b4 you post!”

  135. talkbirth says:

    What a wonderful post! A mother recently shared a story with me in which the people at church were “offended” and complained” because they could see part of her lower back while she nurses her baby in church *with a blanket covering his head and her breast.* That little strip of skin that is exposed when a nursing mama lifts her shirt to nurse. Now THAT is truly offensive! LOL! ::sob::


    • Me says:

      That’s terrible! To those church goers I say: If it was good enough for Mary’s Son, it’s good enough for my son! WWJD? (What Would Jesus Drink?) “Christian” means “follower of Christ”, right? We’re supposed to raise Christian children in Christian households… well my son is going to follow Christ’s lead and drink from his momma’s breast. Nowhere in the Bible did I read about bottlefeeding… 🙂

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  138. finallyme says:

    It was very gratifying to see this post! As an aside to the person that compared a nursing woman’s breast to a man whipping out his penis in public, I just want to point out that breasts are NOT a sex organ. Men have breasts, too (they prefer to call them “pecs”). The fact that you and others associate female breasts with sex is not a nursing mother’s problem. If men can take off their shirts to play basketball, women can lift up their shirts to feed a baby.

  139. amyherendeen says:

    I love it!

  140. mamacrystal says:

    lol I *love* it! So true, we can use breasts to sell anything under the sun but for goodness sake, don’t use them for their true purpose!!! Whatever. *rolls eyes* Great post!

  141. Karen Morano says:

    I really have to re-post this to my Myspace account. Thank you for posting those disgusting exhibitionist militant nursing moms who have the audacity to model positive health behaviors!

  142. Kiera Pedley says:

    Thank goodness,
    Someone who sees sense! There is nothing more irksome than a mother accused of indecency feeding her child, when celebrities, and marketers internationally flaunt the breast in such a sexually derogative way.

    Congratulations on a brilliant post!

  143. BemiaBoum says:

    Heh. Nice. Are you playing with my bronze sink I have a nice joke for you) What kind of tree has hands? A palm tree.

  144. createmo says:

    Thank you for your website 😉
    I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace and youtube and whatever
    my backgrounds:
    all the best and thank you again!

  145. Annamelly says:

    This is such a good point. I was personally surprised to hear that this was such a controversial issue because my mother breastfed all six of her children and it was natural to me to see it. How sad it is that now I have to feel like hiding in shame when my darling daughter is hungry for the milk God provided for her. Very well done, thanks for posting this!

  146. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  147. kay peterson says:

    What seems strange is that 29 years ago when I was in positions where I had to breastfeed my baby in public situations I encountered only polite acceptance or compliments that came from mostly older couples.
    My personal rules included the following:
    (1)doing it reasonably modestly like the baby covering the exposed part by his head most of the time (he could occasionaly pull his head away unpredictably) with the rest of my breast still covered
    (2)Doing it publicly only while that was his main food source,so while he weaned late he could be given an alternative drink or food when we were out
    (3) Doing it publicly when it was obvious that there were no approriate more private facilities, rest rooms for toiletting were out of the question
    Approacing it that way seemed to convey necessity fitting a baby’s stage of development and needs.
    It’s pathetic that breastfeeding pictures have been turfed off facebook as they are educating and normalising breast feeding.
    While I understand and have favourable views about toddlers still breast fed and even while another younger baby is fed, it’s overly optimistic to presume a lot of people won’t react badly.
    Suspect your censors have lactation fetishes they feel guilty about(the fools as amongst consenting adults it’s a harmless kink) so have a warped view.
    With all the animals and objects that people can have kinks for, the internet would need to be empty if we worried about minority warped views.
    Some one needs to do research via surveys on the general population on breastfeeding images, that is pictures or seeing the real thing happening to quantify that in the main most people are accepting of this as a normal life stage.

  148. Robert Socha says:

    Modesty is Ignorance.
    Save our species. Breast feed babies whenever possible, regardless of where!

  149. Ileana Cruz says:

    I love it. And it’s true.

  150. undefined says:

    So true! Breastfeeding must go on!

  151. Debbie says:

    Hear hear! Great post.

  152. starlett says:

    Ok fine breastfeeding in public is not obscene or horrible but you have to draw the line somewhere. BF babies up to 2yrs old in public is fine – but anything over that is just ‘wrong’ u wanna bf your 3 or 4 year old – go home to do it! a 3yr old or above does not need mama milk on demand. Give him a sippy cup of milk or juice!

    • April says:

      Starlett, do a little research on the benefits of extended breastfeeding. You may find some surprising information.

    • Esthela says:

      And that’s what we do! At about 2-years of age, the child is eating enough of other foods and can understand about waiting. At this age, breast milk is not just about eating, but so many other things that people not familiar with this can not comprehend. I have never sen a 3 or 4 year old being nursed in public, unless it was within an understanding group of people or relatives. If I had, I would not have been offended, but if anybody is, they should feel free to look the other way, just the way they probably do (yeah, right!) when they see breasts selling something on TV or magazines.

  153. Izzy says:

    When at a cafe with an old friend and her new love interest out of ‘politeness’, I asked if they’d mind if I fed my so. They were happy and so I carried on. Very soon my friend’s new boyfriend stated with surprise “oh you’re actually doing it now? That’s amazing!”. My son was always very hungry and needing feeding very frequently. I found the hormones released by his crying got me through any worry about offending people.

  154. Sonny says:

    I am a big fan of breasts. Breasts should be allowed everywhere.

  155. david dray says:

    I think seeing a woman breast feeding is the most wonderful sight in the world and so is a pregnant woman

  156. Julie says:


  157. Jemimah says:

    was I the only one who noticed the comment from josh “The only problem I have with women breastfeeding in public is that it makes me want to toss one off. And sometimes you can’t find a good place to do it right away, so I have to squeeze one out undertheath the table in the restaurant. It just feels awkward after I finish.” I’m sorry but this was extremely offensive to me!!!! your a sick fucking pervert Josh and possible a pedophile!! how could everybody else over looked this sick comment!! its people like this that stop me from wanting to feed my baby in public I don’t care if people are offended but I worry about some sicko getting off on it making it even more sexual than the people who just don’t want to see it

    • Shenelle says:

      The moderator posted his email, so we can all let him know, exactly what we think of him!! Don’t worry, he was not ignored!!


    Whats wrong with breastfeeding? Nothing. It’s those people that think it’s wrong,offensive that have big problems,plus they are sick. We would rather see someone breastfeeding in public,than be in a cafe and someone is chewing their food with their mouth open,and gulping and making noises as they sallow their food in public. That’s sick and offensive to us. If all these people who think breastfeeding is offensive,and wrong,they must not even have a LIFE. Theirs probably no help for these people. Breastfeeding is of human nature.

    • KK says:

      yes it is, but not everyone can, and they make us feel like we are failing, and we are not, we just don’t have milk. i wish their were breastfeeding cheerleaders who would still cheer on the rest of us who tried and couldn’t…

      • April says:

        I do! I’m a cheerleader for anyone who tried!

      • Esthela says:

        Some people go on and about on things other people are never going to be able to do. Should we ask them to stay home, so we don’t feel inadequate? Don’t think so. At least you tried, and be proud you did what you could.

      • Emmy Jo says:

        I’ll be your breastfeeding cheerleader! I too tried to breastfeed exclusively, but I was unable to produce enough milk and had to supplement with formula.

        I think every mom should try to breastfeed (unless she has a medical condition), but if she has put in a really good effort and isn’t producing enough after six or eight weeks, she should feel free to formula-feed guilt-free. Or, even better, to continue breastfeeding as much as she can and supplement with formula (as I’ve been doing for the last 7 months). So many people have told me they didn’t realize it was possible to have a baby that was both breastfed and formula-fed.

        Kudos to any mom who tries to breastfeed! Rah rah rah! 🙂

  159. Luschka says:

    What a FAB post! A friend of mine recommended as she knew I am passionate about breastfeeding too, and I’m so glad that she did! Will be spreading the word!

  160. gemma says:

    In regards to the intial post_WELL DONE LOVE IT xxxxx

  161. Rotfl, something must be HORRIBLY wrong with me. I’m debating reposting this because I find some of the images offensive and not child appropriate/safe. Oh the nursing ones are all fine and don’t bother me at all, but I don’t really want to go around sharing Paris’ tata’s and more of others with any of the younger generation that are friends in my FB page!

    I’m a photographer and at a newborn session did a nursing shot for the mom. I nursed each of mine 2.5 years and my first wasn’t really weaned till about a week before my second was born. I nursed in public many times and the only time I was uncomfortable was early on with each because for some reason they both made noise like a cross between a duck and a kazoo…and were loud! =)

  162. me says:

    i wanna breast feed from paris hiltons boobs – yes please 🙂

  163. Amaryllis says:

    Eh, it’s all inappropriate, but at least in the second half the boob doesn’t have a baby hanging off it as well. Eww.

  164. Heather-Lynn says:

    Love your post. how very true!! I have always NIP where ever I was.

  165. michelle dodge says:

    Boobs were made for breastfeeding idiot,thats why they produce milk.and you cant always plan to feed a baby them at home.Babies need to be feed when they wont not when suits immature people.

  166. tabatha says:

    I Love the post but some of the comments are crazy. I breast feed both of my babies IN PUBLIC but ALWAYS made sure that I was covered up. Not because I was embarrasses, but for others. As the mother to little boys, I appreciate when others do the same thing. Breast feeding is wonderful, but since Boobies are so highly sexed in the media, I prefer my boys to be exposed to as little as possible. I don’t like the half nude ads either but I think that asking a mother to cover up in front of my sons isn’t rude. When I was breast feeding my baby and had a 5 year old son at home, I STILL kept them covered. It isn’t the ACT of breastfeeding that is wrong, it’s how “sexy” boobs are in the media, but until I can concur that, I ask that boobies be covered.

    • Shenelle says:

      My daughter wouldn’t eat if she had a blanket covering her head, I tried everything…and eventually gave up. But I still tried to be discreet.

  167. tabatha says:

    one more thing….PLEASE don’t be rude to formula feeding mothers. I am VERY PRO breast feeding, however, after giving birth to premature twins (7w 5d early) via c-section and having one of them pass away due to complications. I tried every technique available to stimulate production and was unable to preoduce enough to feed my child. I has TWO lactation consultants, my obgyn, a Neonatologist and the NICU staff, along with family and friends trying to make me feel better about only being able to produce milk for the 1st 2 weeks of my son’s life, only to have snotty mothers make RUDE comments when I was in the breast feeding lounge in the local mall using a formula bottle. Made me cry every time. WE (breast feeding mothers) need to be nicer to those who aren’t. There may be things that actually prevent others from doing what they want.

    • mynameis says:

      I totally agree with you. I loved breastfeeding, but some of the militant breastfeeders were so pompus and judgemental to other moms using a bottle. We should be encouraging each other and as long as moms are feeeding the babies and giving love that’s all that matters

  168. KK says:

    im ok although I couldn’t and was made to feel like a failure by others, funny how their kids have asthma and other issues and mine is so healthy and on the way too smart for her age level, but, I have no problem with it at all, its beautiful! i so wish it had worked for me! However, when you are still doing it for a kid who is 2 or more, um, just not acceptable, at least out in public.

  169. Mags says:

    I never noticed anyone looking at me when I breastfed my now 23 year old because I was away off in another world of peace perfect peace. I could have been on the moon. I believe that an issue is only an issue when someone makes it an issue. SO if you are looking round for reactions then you WILL see them. This applies to everything not just breastfeeding. It works for criticism, self esteem, bullying, confidence etc. If you pay attention to negative thoughts, you’ll look for negative reactions and you will draw them to you. My Mo was always be yourself not what you think others want you to be.I was watching my childs beautiful face, looking into her curious eyes, making contact with her, getting to know her and I don’t know what was going on around me.I totally agree with your post about inapproprate double standards in the world and a lack of respect for one another.This world needs to change and soon.

  170. Eliz77 says:

    Breast feeding is life force and life force is sexy. Our society is so twisted that it considers so much that is natural as dirty and bad. Keep on breast feeding where ever there are hungry babies. Stop war.

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  172. Amaryllis says:

    Other people don’t want to see it while they are eating lunch — hence the “Kim Kardasian tweet”. Millions of people who never heard of her before (like me) now know who she is because they feel just like she does. That tweet resonates with everyone who eats in places that don’t cater to babies hoping that they won’t see one — much less one sucking on a tit — while they’re trying to relax.

    If a restaurant doesn’t have high chairs, changing stations or a kids’ menu, there is a reason. It means they don’t want you to take your child there.

    So do us all a favor and keep that stuff to places that are crawling with kids, and other breastfeeding mothers.

    You won’t get half the nasty comments and looks if you have a little courtesy.

    • valorie says:

      Life is an amazing thing and I feel it is a shame that you think mothers with small children should should be segregated simply for bringing it into this world. You clearly do not have kids. This being said I think that there is no where i have been that does not have someplace privite to feed them. THe mothers simply need to think of other not just there kid.

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  174. Tanja says:

    ya know, I had 3 kids, all of them were breastfed (which isn’t easy with twins). I don’t care where I was, if they are hungry, they’re hungry and they need to eat. I took my coverup with me everywhere I went with all of them. I got some looks and comments. My comment back…”My kid’s hungry and you can’t see anything besides feet hanging out the other side. So suck it up, this has been done for generations and it’s better for my kids” All of my kids had medical issues and the dr’s applauded my guts in keeping it up till the kids took themselves off at the ages of 4 mo, 6 mo, and 7 mo. I was told that if I had given them formula, I’d be down at least 1 child because of her health. So for those who say down with breast feeding, I say “bite me sucker!” My kids are more important to me than your stupid looks and comments

  175. This is so wonderful!! Thanks for helping to spread the word about the importance and beauty of breastfeeding. You rock, mama!

  176. chrissi says:

    I am not offended by breastfeeding – i do think it is the most natural way to feed an INFANT. Whether it be in public or privately thats the mama’s own prerogative. I have no kids but know lots that have kids – they bf in private (instead of at a table in a restaurant) – their own choice.

    What i do find inappropriate is when a 3 year old (and up) ASKS for “Boobie” um – what the?? is that. At 3, one does not need the boobie – they can drink from a sippy cup. That is what i find offensive – when a kid that old is still on the boobie in public. There is a time to use a cup. never mind about the comfort – (cuddles will do just fine) Never mind abut this “baby led weaning” Who is in charge you or the kid?

    that all being said – you do what you do – but don’t be surprised if you get looks from people when you’re out in public bf a child and up.

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  178. maryfach says:

    my sentiments exactly – brilliant!

  179. valorie says:

    I love that people breastfeed. I think it is a extremly wrong to deprive your kids off the nutrition that they need because it is uncomfortable. With that said i think they should cover up. I don’t care where they are, so long as they are not endangering some one like while driving. All i am asking is that they cover up with a reciving blanket. Just because i think breastfeeding is great does not mean i want to see your privte parts. I think the other pictures are just degrading and discusting!

  180. Valerie says:

    I firmly believe the only people who are offended by breastfeeding in public are those that associate it with something sexual. I remember a man mentioning something to me one time when I was bf’ing my son about how indecent it was. My reply to him was, “I’m sorry if this reminds you of some kinky stuff you do with breasts; breasts that were designed and intended to nourish and feed. It’s not my fault you improperly use them!” That shut him up sooooo fast!!!

  181. Lisa says:

    Great post. I put it on my Facebook. Thank you!

  182. kim. says:

    I’m a young mother & I breast my baby. There is nothing at all inapprpriate or indecent about breastfeeding. It’s one the most natural things any mother can do. I use to be one of those people who would judge women for that,, but now I completely understand it 110%.

  183. lovindmutts says:

    I am the oldest of 5 and watched my mom breastfeed all of my siblings. I’ve been present when my friends have simply bared themselves and breastfed their children. Sure, once or twice, it’s caught me by surprise, but it’s never offended me.

    My SIL still wears a modesty apron when she feeds my nephew. There’s a part of me that wishes she wouldn’t. I want to see the funny faces he makes (I’m sure he does, as his daddy did when he was a baby), want her to be comfortable sharing that with the rest of the family.

    But at the same time, I’m thrilled that she’s even breastfeeding him. She’s recently gone back to work, and pushing formula at him would be soooo easy. I admire her dedication to her son’s health and well-being.

  184. Emily F C says:

    I agree that nursing in public is okay and a right nursing women and babies have, but have couple points that might get me in trouble.

    First, I dont think breasts should be exposed in public period- weather they’re boob job boobs in a comercial to sell beer, or real-live boobs nursing a baby, I don’t want to see them. Since having my son I have no modesty- I figure about 20 docs and nurses saw me (and many touched me) naked, in my worst possible state, in the hospital, so thta made me pretty ok abt exposing myself, but I nursed in a private room or bathroom so I could concentrate and also so others werent offended as I am just a bit when I see nursing women with breats exposed.
    Secondly, the boobs we see in the media are just that, in the media and not in person- which makes it less offensive in my opinion

  185. Esthela says:

    I absolutely loved it!! I breastfed both my girls until they weaned themselves at an age deemed inappropriate by many people’s standards (yes, way beyond the 6-month mark!). I put my child to my breast and lifted my head high all the time and made eye contact, letting the world know how proud I was about what I was doing. Most times people thought my daughter was napping. I have to mention that I never used cover-ups, and many times I breastfed holding a child with one arm, and pushing a grocery cart with another. Challenging, yes, but time-effective, lol!

  186. sousou says:

    “UGH. Look at that indecency! She must be from some third world country to be exposed like that!”
    All the pictures in magasines and other media presented therafter are of women from so-called “First World countries” or am I mistaken?!

  187. Lucie says:

    As long as your kid isnt 6 years old or asking for a drink GAG ! I think its ridiculous that there is such a fuss about it …

  188. Hoooray for you. What a great blog post!

    (As I reply while nursing my 11 mo old!)

  189. Canuck says:

    This article makes a lot of sense and I say “hear, Hear!”
    There is absolutely too much indecent exposure in the media (movies, ads, magazines etc.) which borders on the pornographic, and sends the erroneous message to our children (both boys and girls) that anything goes and nothing is sacred or private! The act of nursing your child is a God-given gift and should be admired instead of condemned. Its advantages include:- money-saving, convenient, and the best nutrition for your baby and giving them the best start in life. Having said all this, though, I do believe we women need to have some common sense about where and when to feed – not in restaurants where other people are eating, and choosing a more secluded area if possible and of course, its very easy to be discreet and use a blanket to cover up so nothing shows. There is also the option to pump and feed your breast milk from a bottle when necessary. I sucessfully nursed my babies when I wanted and never encountered any problems.
    God Bless you for posting this article! <

  190. 7stars says:

    Amaryllis :
    Other people don’t want to see it while they are eating lunch — hence the “Kim Kardasian tweet”. Millions of people who never heard of her before (like me) now know who she is because they feel just like she does. That tweet resonates with everyone who eats in places that don’t cater to babies hoping that they won’t see one — much less one sucking on a tit — while they’re trying to relax.
    If a restaurant doesn’t have high chairs, changing stations or a kids’ menu, there is a reason. It means they don’t want you to take your child there.
    So do us all a favor and keep that stuff to places that are crawling with kids, and other breastfeeding mothers.
    You won’t get half the nasty comments and looks if you have a little courtesy.

    I guess the thing is that what you are suggesting is clear discrimination. Try replacing ‘child’ with person in a wheelchair, or person of a different race (who have different needs in the same way that babies and children do) and see how your statement sounds then. Children and babies have just as much right to eat in a restaurant as you do.

    • Amaryllis says:

      Restaurants discriminate all the time: “Shoes and shirts required”, “tie and jacket required”, “no one under 21 admitted”, “no children below the age of ____”. Some gyms are women only, or men only. The list goes on. If you don’t meet the requirements you aren’t admitted. It’s not discrimination, it’s catering to a certain clientele. I go to restaurants that don’t cater to children for the purpose of not having to listen to the noise. Breastfeeding isn’t a consideration, because doing such a thing is very rare around here, and I’ve NEVER seen it in a restaurant. Poor Kim.

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  192. Misha says:

    “Breastfed babies have lower instances of obesity, asthma, allergies, certain childhood diseases, learning disabilities, and other health problems”
    Please keep in mind that we need to change our vocabulary in regards to breastfeeding as well. This statement SHOULD read “Formula fed babies have higher instances of obesity, asthma, allergies, certain childhood diseases, learning disabilities and other health problems” Breastfeeding is normal, let’s talk about it that way.
    Awesome article! I am definitely reposting this!

  193. Jessica says:

    Hooray for blog posts like this! Good stuff. And exactly how I feel. Thank you for posting this.

  194. I have absolutely no idea how to link back to you on my blog, but will be sharing it every other way that I know how! Thank you for a lovely post!!

  195. Yea, more breastfeeding 🙂

  196. Joe Blow says:

    I wasn’t going to leave my real information because you’re stirring up controversy to build an email list. If you don’t like women who breastfeed, don’t look. I understand you think women need more modesty, but breastfeeding is a very natural process. A woman shouldn’t be shunned and ridiculed for wanting what’s best for her child and wanting to bond with her child. The most ridiculous part is you claiming your christ-like and being ignorant enough to compare breatsfeeding to over-sexualized mass media. Not a real intelligent pairing. I would say stick to what you know, but that would severely limit you. You are claiming to be Christian and carrying on the way you do is sad. You would think someone professing would at leat be knowledgable in the the Bible or Christ’s word.

    • Me says:

      Obviously sarcasm isn’t your forte. Nor is reading comprehension. If you read the entire post you would have known that she is mocking the ones who think BFing is indecent.
      And, since you took it upon yourself to call her names: You’re a moron.

  197. laza muma says:

    breastfeeding is not sexual its natural BREASTFEEDING IS BEAUTIFUL, put a blanket over your head if you dont want to see a mum feed her baby.

  198. dee says:

    That was EPIC!!! well errr at least coming from a mother that breast fed my babies, and yes in public, how dare me!!

  199. Miranda says:

    Women who talk shit about breast feeding in public are constantly indecently exposing themselves as boob watching whiney bitches. It really is quite offensive and someone should make it stop.

  200. NICOLE DEVERS says:


  201. Mark Ring says:

    Did you know that it is not against the law for a woman to expose her chest. A cop friend of mine explained that the law of indisant exposer is the showing of any genatalya.

    The way I see this mater is if a woman wonts to brest feed she should do so. If tat child is one year old or yonger. If the child is older than that it is not right. That is were it gets weard.
    It should not be any diferent than a man exposing his chest. If the person that is seeing it is thanking dirty things than that is that persons problem and not the woman that is exposed.
    I thank that the women of the world should boycot and go for 24 hours without any tops on at all. Nothing at all on just to prove that there is nothing wrong with exposing themselvs and it is all how each indavigual looks at it. If men can go around without a top on than women should be able to do the same.
    This is the way that I see it.

    • Shannon says:

      I think that it is important to point something out. It is not wrong, weird, or “icky” to breastfeed a child over a year old. Only in our ‘civilized’ countries is this seen as abnormal. The average weaning age for most countries in the world is from 3 to 7 years! The World Health Organization recommends nursing for “up to two years and beyond”. For some reason North America believes that if you nurse more than 6 months you are verging on overkill.
      At the same time, I have to agree (under certain conditions) with some who believe that your toddler can probably wait until you get home to nurse. And really, why would you teach your child to call it “booby” or “titty”? Of course someone is going to find THAT offensive! A toddler can ask his mom for some ‘milk’ and she can take him to “go get some” and no one is the wiser.
      My son is over a year, and yes, I breastfeed him in public but not blatantly. Few people even know that I am doing it. I never could use a blanket because he wouldn’t have it! I have issues with some women who will go to store or restaurant and deliberately expose themselves while breastfeeding, in hopes that someone will make a deal of it, so that they can then make a stand for their rights. These women want to make a scene, and that is not helping the public opinion.
      One thing I have always wondered; Why is it that the people who are most offended are the ones who will not stop staring at you? And then, they are likely to point you out to their friends as well. If you don’t like it, look away and then it can’t offend you anymore.
      And yes, we do need to be sensitive to those who don’t breastfeed. Some couldn’t for medical reasons and others believed that they couldn’t because of lack of support or education. We shouldn’t hold a holier-than-thou attitude.

  202. cat says:

    That was GREAT!!!! I am forwarding this to everyone I know, I only hope that mothers who really want to give breastfeeding a chance don’t give up at the comments of perverts and idiots with a big mouth. I breastfed both of my kids and I know that it is one of the best things that I could have ever done for them.

  203. AAAA says:

    If breastfeeding offends you put a blanket over your head or how about you eat in the toilet!

  204. lizardyoga says:

    Nice one. what upsets people is the breast being used to bond and feed and not as a commodity or sex toy. It upsets men because they can’t do it and they can’t control it

  205. gerry says:

    How is it we get all this rubbish about women bf in public – but it’s OK for men to stand at the side of a busy road and have a pee? Double standards. Heaven forbid we might have to see a baby being fed – could traumatise us all for life.

    • Amaryllis says:

      Who says that’s OK? But at least if you’re peeing on the side of the road, I don’t have to see it while I’m eating my lunch. Don’t want to see your boobs, or your baby sucking on your boobs, while I’m eating.

      • madlizzyuk says:

        Well, don’t bloody look then! I see more boobs on women in low cut tops than I do with women discreetly breastfeeding their babies in public. What do you expect them to do, starve their child so you can eat without being disgusted by a completely normal and natural act?

        Get a life.

      • Amaryllis says:

        Really? You see nipples in low cut blouses? Generally if that happens it’s a wardrobe malfunction and covered up immediately. Not so much with a breastfeeding baby. You get the “view” as long as the kid is sucking.

      • Me says:

        Perhaps the way you eat offends me. Perhaps you should eat in a bathroom so I don’t have to see you.

  206. Breast is Best says:

    Brilliant and so true!! Shame about the aptamil advert at the bottom of the article..

  207. William P. says:

    Its not surprising at the number of small minded people there are to tag breastfeeding as obscene. Its only their minds gone off the rails. If that infant HAS to nurse, its mother has to suckle it as its a natural act.There are several cases of women breastfeeding their pets(puppies, kittens, lambs etc.) And thats gross to people with gross minds. Womens’ breasts are designed by Nature to suckle offspring as much as a lactating cat, tiger or a chimp. Whales, dugongs, seals etc.

  208. Susan Weyer,RN, IBCLC says:

    I breastfed all my children and loved it. i work as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and I encourage all of my clients to breastfeed in public. Our society would be so much better off if mothers used their breasts for what they were made for. We are the only species that feed our young another species’ milk (cow’s milk). HUMAN milk is meant for HUMAN babies. Frankly, I have seen more breasts in public on women who are NOT breastfeeding. If one takes the time to educate themselves on the important health benefits for both mom and baby, maybe then there could be more understanding of the biological normalcy of breastfeeding.
    Breastfeeding is life-saving in some 2nd and 3rd world countries. Babies are dying because some mothers can’t or chose not to breastfeed. I applaud all mothers who breastfeed in public! I think it’s beautiful and for those that are so confused or uptight, please just turn your heads and shut your mouths & educate yourselves.

  209. Maureen says:

    Does Amaryllis forget that (s)he was once a baby and needed to eat? Why the hatred of babies/children? Perhaps it would be better if no one had babies and the human race died off, so as not to offend you.

    I don’t understand why this is even an issue. We are mammals. Mammals have mammary glands which produce milk to feed their young. Period. Why is our society SO warped that we can not see breasts for anything other than sex toys? Seriously… It’s just weird!

    As for the bottle-feeders, I understand your feelings of “failure”. I have two children and have fed them both exclusively breast milk, but due to severe latching problems with both, I’ve been forced to feed them my breast milk through a bottle. They have been given the food that is best for them because of my commitment to maintaining a full-time pumping schedule, but I still have feelings of failure because I have not been able to feed them from the breast as nature intended.

    I managed to nurse my second for a few weeks through severely injured nipples before the pain became too much to bear and I moved on to full-time pumping. And in that time, I regret that I was not comfortable to nurse him in public. I think I eventually would have been, but I was in so much pain and still dealing with the early over-production of milk that made our nursing sessions very messy. So I would nurse him in the back of our car rather than doing it in public. I wish I had been able to do it long enough to gain a comfort level with it. But as long as my body agrees to produce this abundance of milk, I will continue pumping to give him the food he deserves!

  210. G says:

    Where do you see nudy magazines and breastfeeding mommas have any similarities? I think you are jealous. How can you even begin to think that you have any say so to when and where a mother should provide food for her child? Obviously you don’thave children

  211. JOE says:

    I think anyone that approves of violence should be taken out back and shot. Maybe a public hanging would be better. Wah Wah wah……….
    No matter what you do, it will offend someone.
    The hell with being “P. C.” Go ahead and breast feed in public, you have that right . Go ahead and bitch about it, you have that right too!
    You can’t please everyone, so just please yourself.
    All the haters out there………..GO PISS UP A ROPE! 😛

  212. says:

    Geez, give it a break, if you’re a woman, apparently you haven’t had a screaming child who is hungry in public!!!!!!! Don’t even try to go well I wouldn’t use a bottle, because some people can’t afford formula every other day or two, I’m a mother of two, I know what I’m talking about. Don’t say WIC, that doesn’t cover it. STFU and live your life, you don’t like it, DON’T LOOK!!!! Would you rather hear the kid screaming, oh you piss me off. If you’re a guy, you’re gay.

  213. Anja says:

    Awesome! Two boobs up! 😉

  214. Amaryllis :
    Really? You see nipples in low cut blouses? Generally if that happens it’s a wardrobe malfunction and covered up immediately. Not so much with a breastfeeding baby. You get the “view” as long as the kid is sucking.

    Really! you see nipples on a breastfeeding mum? I support mothers and its not untill you get really REAALLLLY close that you see any nipple at all! If you dont wanna see, dont look. Wow, so weird that youd find a baby eating offensive.

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  216. very well done! Such a well written blog!

  217. Brandon says:

    As soon as it’s ok for a grocery store to post pictures of how the meat is butchered and not hear one complaint, then women should be able to breast feed in view of others.

  218. Nothing wrong with breastfeeding says:

    I find reactionary, ill-informed and clearly repressed opinions about how others should live, highly offensive. Are you really saying that we should let vulnerable innocent children starve because you have a personal hang-up about a quarter inch of flesh.

  219. Thank you!!This is pretty amazing! I am sharing it for sure!!!

  220. nonone says:

    I’m all for breastfeeding, but when your 3 year old and newborn are feedng at the same time, I get a little weirded out. Sorry. Just me

  221. Me says:

    Amaryllis :
    If that’s true, then how do women who work pump milk and feed their children when they’re gone? I’ve known mothers who’ve continue breastfeeding for a year or more this way. Even though the kid never drank out of a bottle before mom returned to work, somehow when it’s necessary they do it. The kid isn’t going to let himself starve to death. So there you go, a little planning, and you can pump and feed your child out of a bottle. Happens every day.

    It is possible because they are no longer feeding from the breast, and instead are pumping. They are replacing feeding times with pumping, not feeding, then trying to pump shortly after, with little to no supply. It feels like you didn’t really think that comment all the way through =\

  222. k.m says:

    awesome entry!!! nursed my 6 and never had a problem w/ people looking… most never even knew! Bless your heart for posting this!!! the smut on TV and in newspaper’s and mags are 10x’s worse than watching a mother bond w/ her child and give it nutrients!

  223. Fantastic post and hits the nail right on the head!

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  225. Eric Pinola says:

    GREAT POST! This should bounce all over the internet. I just tweeted and stumbled it!

  226. Sad that this is such an issue…

  227. Love it! Sends a very interesting message and a very accurate one at that.

  228. SNebitt says:

    Guess what!!! I think ALLLLLLLLL the photos are indecent, especially the last one. If the child is old enough to ask for food using some form of coherent spoken language, THE CHILD IS TOO OLD TO BE BREASTFEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want my child looking up TO ANY OF THESE WOMEN. Why is it always these damn extremes. Not to mention the women who chose not to breastfeed. THat does not make them “bad mothers”. I really resent this. As a woman and a human being, I find this article maddening and offensive. Women who choose to breastfeed should make an effort to be, even somewhat, discreet when they are in public. Just as I disagree with the magazine articles and the use of womens’ bodies currency, I also STRONGLY object to those women who think it is acceptable to “feed” in public. As a woman AND a feminist, this article DISTURBS me to the extreme. However, I guess it is me that is the fool, reading an article on a site called, “Bohomamamjo”. Just like Rolling Stone, beer companies, etc regularly produce crap, this website does the same. Shame on you and the ALLLLL the women pictured in this articleI am sorry.

  229. SNebitt says:

    Another thing, before you spout off about how breastfeeding helps to “bond” mother and child, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I beg of you, act like intelligent women and read the research. That myth was erased years ago. It is the primary caregiver that the child bonds with which 9 times out of 10 is the mother. Studies have shown over and over that when males are the primary caregiver, bonding between parent and child occurs. So please can the babble about men being jealous because they cannot breastfeed and “bond” with their child. It is garbage like this that makes, us as women, look plain stupid and part of the reason why the feminist movement is still needed. It really makes me angry when I read this. If you are intelligent, act like it and stop the babble and the garbage that CANNOT be backed up. AGain, as a women, a mother of three and a human being, STOP!!!!

  230. Toni says:

    Breast feeding RULES!!!!

  231. Sammi Henry says:

    wow how ignorant r some people it’s says alot about yr thought patterns if u see a mother feeding her child and compare it to media slags hmmmmmmmm I think u need to grow up!!!!!!

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  234. Sandra says:

    I’m just not sure putting down on other people is the best way to make ones point. Why do women have to be ashamed of their body or exposing their body? I’m not sure any of the women in the pictures that this blogger just insulted ever said one negative thing about breast feeding and I don’t feel like bashing them is making a good point. Our bodies are beautiful. Breast feeding is beautiful. I would be willing to bet money that the uptight people who are offended by breast feeding are most likely offended by the other pictures as well. I am no more offended by breast feeding than I am by …….IDK let’s say women exposing themselves in a burlesque show….so I find her argument as offensive as I find those uptight jerks whinny about moms breast feeding in public.

  235. Octavia says:

    I think is disgusting and I’m female. Nobody wants to see your nasty big ass tit or sagging boob. Has nothing to do with the baby feeding.

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