1 month, 3 weeks & 5 days…UPDATE!

Things have been insane with Jinx.  We’ve had episodes of screaming for 12 hours, serious gas, stinky dipes, serious spit-uppage (yes I made up a word).  After being on a Total Elimination Diet for a while now I have discovered that she has issues with dairy, soy, wheat and I am not sure what else.  Even with that cut out and on a very restricted diet (turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, zucchini, onions and cabbage) she was still having some serious discomfort.  I’m talking we had to give her prescribed Tylenol w/Codeine to get her to sleep after 12 hours of upset.  I’ve done it all, rocking, swaying, shushing, swaddling, belly massages (with my homemade belly oil containing Peppermint and Fennel Seed Essential Oils), wearing her, warm baths, nothing comforts her.  The Ped prescribed these Hyoscyamine Sulfate drops for intestinal cramping and they helped some in addition to the Gripe Water, but not really.  I recently stopped EVERYTHING.  All of my supplements b/c my prenatals have Iron, I was also taking Garlic and Cranberry, so I quit it all, the B-Vitamins, the Omegas, all of it.  I also quit all of Jinx’s meds (the Hyo drops and the Gripe Water both have citric acid) and the only thing I am administering now is her Zantac with a probiotic mixed in.  We had the best day and night yesterday that we have had in a long time.  Things still aren’t quite right though.  Often time when she is nursing she chokes on the milk and stops breathing, it is not due to Over Active Let-down, it makes no difference where she is in the feeding, it still happens.  She throws her head back and gulps and tries to breathe and can’t and then finally catches her breath.  She does this not just when nursing, but also when medicine is administered and sometimes when she’s just sitting around (I think she spits up and then chokes on it).  I don’t know if she’s inhaling the fluid or not.  But it’s really freaky and it scares me to see her struggle to catch her breath.  We see a GI on the 18th and a Pulmonary specialist on the 27th.  Just wanted to update you all.  Things have been crazy, but hopefully all will be well soon and we will be at the bottom of this all!!

 I did have a substantial amount of Ibuprofen during the last month of my pregnancy due to pain (6 ribs out of place, etc.) cause the chiro just wasn’t cutting it and I couldn’t afford accupuncture or accupressure.  I also had 2 rounds of antibiotics and IV antibiotics during the first three weeks postpartum.  So I think I may have ruined any chance her gut had.  Here’s hoping the probiotics help and in the end I hope these specialists just laugh at me and tell me she has a bad case of reflux and nothing more!

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My name is T. I am a homeschooling, home/water birthing, dreadlocked, special needs mama to four beautiful daughters. I'm married to my best friend. I am a natural childbirth and breastfeeding advocate. I have done some volunteer work as a peer counselor with WIC and as a doula with Birthwell Partners and plan to be a midwifery assistant one day. My blog was created to put some alternative information out there about breastfeeding, childbirth & other issues regarding motherhood and life in general. I hope that you enjoy reading here and visit me often. Thanks for reading!
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3 Responses to 1 month, 3 weeks & 5 days…UPDATE!

  1. threetimesblessed says:

    This really just doesn’t sound normal. I was going to suggest cutting out your pre-natal, it worked for my youngest like a charm, but I see you’ve done that already. So really – I’m just here to offer hugs and to tell you you’re doing a great job. You’ve been proactive with your diet and hers, and I honestly do not believe this is just a bad case of reflux (like I’m a professional or something…). I hope the GI shows something.

  2. Brooke says:

    I am a speech pathologist. You should look up pedatric dysphagia and see if she is having issues with a swallowing disorder.

    Good luck!

  3. Hetha says:

    Hi, just found your blog today and wanted to offer my support as I’ve got a 2 year old with severe reflux and I know what you’re going through. It looks like you’ve thought of everything so I have no real advice. My guy used to stop breathing and turn blue from his reflux, then he went on prevacid and that stopped the apnea, episodes. Have you seen infantrefluxdisease.com? Great site map with tons of useful information there. I printed out the journal and used that as a foundation for the G.I. appointments. It came in quite handy. Are they going to do a ph probe and endoscopy?

    Best wishes to you!

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