Who’s really making the controversy here?

“Making milk public controversy”
By: Charles Winokoor, business writer
So there I was grocery shopping the other day when, just as I reached for a quart of skim milk, I noticed the strangest thing.Women – mothers, to be exact – began dropping to the floor and breast-feeding their babies. Hurrying out of the dairy section, I found myself surrounded by pet supplies, but again was confronted with a surrealistic sight: Unsupervised canines and tabbies relieving themselves willy nilly, and then sauntering off to leave the mess for the night crew to clean up. Get out now, I told myself, as the sweat trickled down my brow. And wouldn’t you know it, just as I scurried past the Health & Beauty aisle I spied a group of men, shirts off, nonchalantly spraying and rolling their underarms with the deodorizer of their choice. Decorum precludes me from detailing what I witnessed in the place where they sell the Charmin. Knocking over a shopping cart with a child’s seat, I ran into the parking lot and headed for my car to make a getaway. As I fumbled for my key, I realized it was too late; I was surrounded.
Waking up in bed, I took stock of my nightmare. What in the world had
inspired my subconscious to unleash such nocturnal torment?
Then it came to me. It was nothing more mysterious than this week’s story
about a Hingham mom who managed to cause a stir by breast-feeding her infant
in the middle of a store.
Last Friday, Brockton cardiologist Dr. Melissa Tracy, while shopping in the South Hingham iParty store, dropped to the floor and began breast-feeding her ostensibly starving 2-month-old child. “Rather than let him become hysterical, I sat down on the floor and breast-fed him,” Tracy told the Boston Herald. What happened next, she said, caused her to feel humiliated. The store manager, a regular Darth Vader it seems, had the gall to admonish her. “He stood over me and said ‘You can’t do that here,’ ” she was quoted. “I’ve never felt that badly before.” Feeling emotionally scarred, Tracy did the honorable and proper thing: She ratted out the iParty blue meanie to his corporate superiors – who issued a knee-jerk, please-don’t-hit-me mea culpa, faster than CBS Radio and MSNBC gave Don Imus the bum’s rush. What she’s failed to mention, either in print or on TV, is why she was so compelled to plop to the floor instead of walking to the ladies room. Would she have jeopardized her child’s welfare, his very life, if she had simply made the effort? Or was she more interested in making a point about who she is and what she thinks she represents? During a TV interview, her husband said in his native Germany breast-feeding in public is an accepted practice and one that is

“not vulgar.” Not vulgar for sure – but how about annoying? Not the act of breast-feeding, mind you, but the behavior of well-educated parents who want to impose their version of an enlightened society upon the rest of us, without regard to our
sensibilities. That sort of selfish, guerilla mentality is not just inconsiderate to those
of us backward Americans who are not used to seeing babies suckling while we’re shopping for party supplies or dog food, it’s also unfair to the companies whose employees are only trying to do the right thing. Now, if any business – be it retail chain, a local independent store or a car dealership – announces a policy explicitly allowing open breast-feeding then that’s their prerogative. But one also has to ponder how this type of
adult-baby behavior will eventually affect the child. No wonder there’s a legion of kids nowadays who have grown up thinking they’re extra-special, entitled and oh-so-superior; after all, it’s been imbedded into their id since they were fed mother’s milk. This whole silly episode reminds me, in a way, of the case of the “flying imams,” six religious Muslims who were removed from a flight last November after they insisted on standing up in the plane for evening prayers. They knew exactly what they were doing. They wanted publicity and they got it, in spades. That’s not to say the good doctor from Brockton intended, ahead of time, to use her breast-feeding as a publicity stunt to teach the rest of us a good lesson. From what I’ve read and heard, she comes across as a decent, sincere individual. What I do suggest to her and other mothers who act rashly, and then condemn anyone who complains, is to grow up before your child does. And next time you go shopping with your infant in your arms, try bringing along a baby bottle.

Charles Winokoor is the business writer for the Taunton Daily Gazette.




Dear Charles,

You are brave man to have included your e-mail address in your “business article.” That or you are just plain stupid, I am leaning towards the latter. I absolutely loathed your comparison of feeding an infant in a grocery store to animals urinating up and down the pet food aisles. I’m following you here with regard that both urine and breastmilk are in fact bodily fluids. But considering that one is used to nourish a child through its infancy (and beyond) and the other is waste matter excreted by the kidneys, I’m not really seeing the connection in your comparison. I am also not seeing the connection between mothers and infants in a grocery store and dogs and cats in a grocery store. Maybe you were unaware that women and infants are in fact permitted into grocery stores and permitted by law (in MANY states) to breastfeed in any public place that they are allowed to be. Maybe you are unaware that only service animals that DO NOT “relieve themselves willy nilly, and then saunter off to leave the mess for the night crew to clean up,” are permitted in these stores as well. But sure, compare the breastfeeding mother to an animal relieving itself in the middle of a store – STRIKE ONE!

Once again, I am having trouble establishing the connection between grown, shirtless men engaging in personal hygiene routines in public and mothers feeding their children. This comparison is less offensive yes, but still as far fetched as you calling this a “business article.” And secondly, I am willing to bet my milk-makers that if this mother you are attacking was shirtless, you wouldn’t have complained one bit about what she was doing with her breasts (provided there wasn’t a feeding child on the other end). As ignorant as you obviously are, I still can’t let this slide –STRIKE TWO!

Now your comment about what was going on in the aisle where Charmin toilet paper is sold was completely out of line. Somethings are just better left unsaid, as you obviously know because you only had the nerve to imply that defecating in the middle of a grocery store is equivalent to nursing a child. For this one, I’ll just be honest…YOU’RE AN ASS.

If seeing a mother feed her child in the way that was intended by nature causes so much of an upset in your life that you in fact have nightmares from it, then you should certainly reevaluate your mental health. There are highly qualified individuals who can help you with this. Or you could just come to Central, Fl, call me up and I can slap you in your face a few times -whatever works for you 🙂

“Last Friday, Brockton cardiologist Dr. Melissa Tracy, while shopping in the
South Hingham iParty store, dropped to the floor and began breast-feeding
her ostensibly starving 2-month-old child.”
Okay Charles, do you even know what ostensibly means? Are you implying that a 2 month old child has ulterior motives to crying out in hunger? Oh that’s right, let me guess…maybe the child cried out in hunger but was really just trying “to impose their version of an enlightened society upon the rest of us, without regard to our sensibilities. ” Who knows?

“That sort of selfish, guerilla mentality is not just inconsiderate to those
of us backward Americans who are not used to seeing babies suckling while
we’re shopping for party supplies or dog food, it’s also unfair to the
companies whose employees are only trying to do the right thing.”
Again Chuck – not sure that guerilla is anywhere near appropriate here:

a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

While I am certain that this cardiologist had every intention of making you “backward Americans” (as you so accurately labeled yourselves) uncomfortable, I assure you that just because you aren’t used to seeing women feed their children in the manner which was intended, that does not make it any less natural or appropriate. Furthermore, if it makes you uncomfortable to see an infant eat, than again I highly suggest seeing someone who can help you overcome your sexualized perception of what is in fact not at all a sexual organ. Or maybe it isn’t that the breast has been sexualized in America that makes you quiver at the sight of an infant nursing. Maybe it’s your own insecurity in your ability to do something as powerful as grow, birth and provide nutrition for a child all with your own God given body alone. Am I sensing a little envy here? Or is it just back to you displaying ignorance in it’s purest form? Again, who knows? I am interested to know why it is that you feel sorry for company employees “trying to do the right thing” when these company employees are violating the rights of others? How is this the right thing?

“What she’s failed to mention, either in print or on TV, is why she was so
compelled to plop to the floor instead of walking to the ladies room. Would
she have jeopardized her child’s welfare, his very life, if she had simply
made the effort?”
Would she have jeopardized her child’s welfare? Oh right, now you are concerned with the child’s welfare, Chuck. No one expects you to eat your lunch on a public restroom toilet, why should her child be expected to? Oh that’s right, because you think so. This woman is making an effort. She is making an effort to provide for her child in the best way possible. And she is doing it with a lack of support in this country from idiots like you. Everyday mothers feel embarrassed about breastfeeding and even quit breastfeeding because morons like you try to make it something more than what it is. STRIKE THREE!

“What I do suggest to her and other mothers who act rashly, and then condemn anyone who complains, is to grow up before your child does.
And next time you go shopping with your infant in your arms, try bringing
along a baby bottle. ”
WOW, I sincerely hope that no one asks you for suggestions on a regular basis. Breastfeeding a crying, hungry child is by no means “acting rashly.” Defecating on the grocery aisle floor, sure, but not breastfeeding. And as for ASSuming that all mothers who breastfeed are capable of expressing their milk so they can bottle feed their child for your convenience – once again shows how ignorant you are. And secondly, even if a mother is capable of doing so, it certainly shouldn’t be something she’s obligated to do to keep from offending someone like you. If you have a problem with seeing a child eat from its mothers breast, then I suggest you sir, be the one who takes a trip to the toilet. That is ironically, where all of your statements belong. YOU’RE OUT!


About Mamamojo

My name is T. I am a homeschooling, home/water birthing, dreadlocked, special needs mama to four beautiful daughters. I'm married to my best friend. I am a natural childbirth and breastfeeding advocate. I have done some volunteer work as a peer counselor with WIC and as a doula with Birthwell Partners and plan to be a midwifery assistant one day. My blog was created to put some alternative information out there about breastfeeding, childbirth & other issues regarding motherhood and life in general. I hope that you enjoy reading here and visit me often. Thanks for reading!
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61 Responses to Who’s really making the controversy here?

  1. Mair Ceridwen says:

    You. Are. Awesome.

  2. Mead says:

    Obviously youre enraged about this article. I think the connection that he was making is that it isnt something that you see often in public so it was some what of a shock. Other than when I was breast fed I have only actually seen it once or twice so seeing it in a public place would some what startle me even now. Im just wondering exactly what he struck out on.

    Come on Mojo, dont insult the mans intelligence. If the man is uncomfortable seeing something he should be allowed to express his opinion as are you. He is just sheltered.

    • Kari says:

      ur an idiot. he said that she should bring a bottle next time she goes in public. Thats straight up talking out of his ass.

    • darktearz says:

      Why he struck out? My God you must be daft. Did you read the article? Did you read her response. Of course we all have a right to an opinion. This man is saying that we shouldn’t be allowed to breastfeed our children, which is a right protected by law. He is saying this because, Like all other ignorant males (not all males are ignorant. However, I am referring to the Ignorant ones.) He is of the belief that breasts belong to him.
      a Child becoming self centered with a “You owe me” attitude it the stupidest thing he could have said! Breastfeeding is nourishment. Many people make it out to be a lot more. It’s really not. Nourishment for the child and Breast IS BEST!. Mead… you should think about the article.

  3. CrunchyMama says:


    Thank you!

  4. Martha says:

    That guy’s article was so off the wall, for awhile I thought it was a satire of people ignorant on breastfeeding.

    Well, you sure gave him a good response!

    • Kat says:

      no, seriously, i actually thought it was. I was actually laughing because i thought he was being sarcastic! I had to go back and read it, i was like WHA! RUSRS!

  5. Ira says:

    Charles, in addition to offending a rather large group of people, you reveal a complete lack of logic on your part comparing ANIMAL’S elimination to HUMAN’S eating…

    If a perverted perception of the way humans are designed is all that is required to write a public article then you are the shit, of course. But only IF.

    “Business writer”? For what kind of business? “Adult males are the only species that should be considered, Incorporated”?

    If you are so uncomfortable seeing women doing what women are designed by God to do, turn away, hide in the corner, life is still going to happen whether you like it or not.

    Oh, another revelation – YOU were born through vagina! How disgusting of you!

  6. Jenny says:

    I totally agree, but probably are a little more reserved than you in how I express my feelings on this. I am currently suffering the same sort of attitude at my very own church. I was asked to hide while bf and have refused to do so. I will tell everyone what I am going to do and leave it up to them to leave if they are uncomfortable. I have the right to bf my kid especially since I do so in the nursery. Duh isn’t that where people go to tend to the needs of their kids?

    • Simona says:

      That’s how God made me – with breasts and he wanted me to use them to nurish my children. Rock me if you want jerks.

  7. Miss Lee says:

    Funny how people complain about seeing women breastfeed. I mean, what a stupid thing to complain about. Of all the things really in the world. To complain about a woman feeding, loving and caring for her child is just insane to me. Oh, except, I suppose you aren’t really complaining about that. You are complaining about being forced to watch it happen. Well, here’s a newsflash for you, if you don’t want to watch, turn your head. Also, what a weird thing to say that one is uncomfortable watching a woman breastfeed because they don’t see it very often, and yet that is the point here right, that the more we SEE breastfeeding in public the less out of place it will be until some day, we will all just be used to it and it won’t phase us in the slight as a society.

  8. Crystal G. says:

    Thank you for the comments. My seniments exactly. It’s true that people like him have stopped some people from breastfeeding. My first two boys are proof. My third is the only one that I have been brave enough to continue with. She is almost three weeks old and I intend to keep up this “awful” thing called breastfeeding until we get ready to quit. Not when someone else says we should. I do not take a bottle with me when I go out and do not plan to start. I do have a few bottles in the freezer ” for emergency only”. Like if for some reason I am unable to feed her myself. I am proud to say I breastfed my little one in Walmart the other day. Right there in the boys clothes, not in the bathroom!

  9. Valerie says:

    You tell them Tara!

    What cracks me up is that he probobly sees brestfeeding MUCH more than he will ever know becuase most women who do it you can’t even tell (and I am not talking about spending a million dollars on those nursing shirts either… I am talking a tank top, jeans, and a cartigan). I have nursed many many times just in the last few months in the furniture isle of my Fred Meyers while my kids play in the toy section across the isle from me and I have never even been glanced at. He would have walked right past me and not even known… but for someone to do this and have people NOTICE… how dare she. lol… what a dumb sentiment.

    And he asks if it “Would she have jeopardized her child’s welfare, his very life, if she had simply made the effort?” to go to the bathroom to nurse instead of the middle of the store… well YES as a matter of fact. Eating in a public restroom (esp for a newborn) sounds about as appropriate as… well, as taking a dump in the toilet paper isle.


  10. coralie says:

    brilliant! did you actually send this email to him? oh, i do hope so. *rubs hands together with glee*

    i sent a similarly-toned email to him. it felt so good. 🙂

  11. Rebecca Aguilar says:

    “My third is the only one that I have been brave enough to continue with.”

    COURAGE to every breastfeeding Mami who has to face a Winokoor in her community, among her friends, or even within her own family. Here’s hoping you may breastfeed your child as long as you both wishh.

    And, Tara, brilliant work on exposing Winokoor’s weak arguments! What were the editors of the Taunton Gazette thinking? He is neither a pediatrician, nor a sociologist, nor a psychologist, but a BUSINESS WRITER? Not much of an advocate and certainly not the person to go to for expertise on this topic.

  12. Ruby says:

    Just a question first…do you eat in the bathroom? Or perhaps your to good for that? I think that the next time you see a momma feeding her child perhaps you should quickly put a blanket over your head and run to the bathroom, because obviously you see a purpose for breasts that is only seen in North America. Breasts are for feeding babies. That is what they are there for, thats all, nothing more, nothing less. I am repulsed by formula feeding moms that never gave breastfeeding a chance, does that mean that I have the right to ask the to move, or cover up? No. People say Breast is best (i’m going to assume you have heard of this before) but I beg to differ, breast is what is normal, thus making bottles, and/or formula inferior. Why on Earth would anyone give their child inferior food? Perhaps when you see a momma nursing her child you could smile, knowing that she is giving her child proper nutrition, love, and bonding. Knowing that these children will one day be the people you depend on. Now for your information breastfeeding isn’t just a little milk…it has many properties. Breastfed babies have higher IQ’s, better immune systems, they are sick less, the parents in turn miss less work, breastfeeding lowers the chances of cancer to both mother and child. Read on for 101 reasons to breastfeed.

  13. Kristina G. says:

    Comment by Mead–“Come on Mojo, dont insult the mans intelligence. If the man is uncomfortable seeing something he should be allowed to express his opinion as are you. He is just sheltered.”

    ????? The man did not say “I’m uncomfortable seeing nursing in public as I have not seen it often”; he compared women and their nurslings to urinating animals and shirtless male grooming themselves in the market place, for an entire news column. Mojo’s response is proportionate.

  14. Lee says:

    Awesome reply! …What possessed this man to compare breastfeeding to public defecation? I think so many people (not just men) are uncomfortable with the concept of woman as nurturer – the breast is considered a sex object, not a reproductive organ. I’m sure if it were up to Charles, breastfeeding would be a crime…

  15. Julie says:

    You know, this mother has been chastised for feeding her child on the dirty floor of a party store, yet you suggest that she go to a restroom to feed her child. Do you really think that a public restroom is more sanitary??

    I am dumbfounded by the lack of respect you have for women, if any woman would marry you, I hope that you treat her with more respect than you show for the general population.

    So, are you offended by the Maxim magazine you see on the shelf in the supermarket?? If you aren’t you are simply a hypocrite. The ONLY biological purpose of breasts is to nourish baby humans, they are not toys for men, they are not for your pleasure in any way. Thankfully I have a husband who recognizes the gift my son has been given.

    You should also do some research on pumping breastmilk. If you had done that prior to publishing this filth you would know that it is both time consuming and very difficult, if not impossible, for some women. It is impossible for a pump to match the efficiency of a baby while nursing. There are children who would starve if they relied on only pumped breastmilk since some mothers are incapable of pumping adequate amounts of milk for their babies.

    I know I’m writing this article in vain since it is apparent from your article that you are a closed minded cynic. You could probably regain some respect in the eyes of your readers if you would actually research your topics and not publish an opinion piece as a business piece in the future.

  16. Kate says:

    Americans really need to rethink the language that is used. This should not be an issue of *women* and *breastfeeding,* the issue is *babies* and *eating.* Babies should not have to eat in the restroom and there should be absolutely no debate about whether or not they can eat in public.

  17. a person says:

    Charles, in addition to offending a rather large group of people, you reveal a complete lack of logic on your part comparing ANIMAL’S elimination to HUMAN’S eating…

    Maybe he is such a lower order of animal that he poops out his mouth, like a planaria.

  18. Tracy says:

    I have one word: BRAVO!

  19. Bronwyn says:

    Very well written!

    Now, how do we organize a nurse-in at his office!

  20. Xdroot says:

    I think breastfeeding is a good thing. And the Occidental world needs to promote it. However, depending on cultural mores, breastfeeding can make an individual uncomfortable. How many people enjoy standing in line, behind that horny couple who keep feeling each other and making slurping noises?! The doc had the right to feed her baby, but she should have been more discreet. If she was in Germania, she could have plopped wherever, but being here, she should not have sat on the floor. If an employee found some random customer sitting on the floor, the employee would try to move him/her. I love the way lightning bounces around a teacup.

  21. Heather says:

    I love you Mojo!! You have such a way with words and I can TOTALLY picture you you saying everything you wrote right to this jackasses face!!

  22. R. says:

    Xdroot had the right idea, but didn’t take it quite far enough… I suppose that Mr. Winokoor is uncomfortable standing in lines–for any purpose, near anyone, for any length of time (I know that I am!). Should he be spared the “inconvenience” and “emotionally scarring feeling” of having to wait in line? Maybe everyone should take his feelings into account and just wave him to the front of the line! Let me know if this works–maybe everyone will do it to be nice to me, too!!

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  24. Vanessa says:

    You rock!

  25. Yvonne says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you for standing up for us nursing moms!

  26. Misti says:

    I couldnt have said it better!
    What an Jackass… I think all the formula he drank as a baby made him stupid!

  27. MamaStarr says:

    right on.

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  29. Sara says:

    I think the writer of the article at the beginning was being completely and totally sarcastic. I believe that he was sardonically writing from the perspective of someone against breastfeeding, adding in little hints to show that he is personally AGAINST these people.

    Evidence: Comparing breastfeeding to animals and humans urinating and defecating in the middle of the store and to grown men “grooming” themselves in the store. It is quite obvious that those three things have no comparison to breastfeeding whatsoever. The point that he was trying to make was that it seems like in the eyes of an anti-public-breastfeeder, breastfeeding IS comparable to those things, since the anti-public-breastfeeder is so vehemently against breastfeeding in public, as one would be about humans and animals relieving themselves in the middle of the grocery store.

    Having a nightmare about public breastfeeding. AntiPBFs react so extremely to the act of public breastfeeding that one would think witnessing such an act would give them nightmares. I believe the author is also saying that seeing the reaction of AntiPBFs would give him nightmares comparing public breastfeeding to the above mentioned acts because that reaction is so extremely foolish…as is such a comparison.

    Ostensibly starving 2 month old child. Ostensibly simply means “obviously.” Saying that the child is obviously starving means that the child was probably crying and screaming. It could mean one of two things. A) The child was so hungry that it gave the mother reason to stop shopping and feed her baby right away, thus the author would be supporting the mothers decision. B) A sarcastic remark from the point of view of the AntiPBF, otherwise saying, “Wow that baby must having been absolutely STARVING for that mother to have the audacity to whip out her boob in the middle of the store!” The author probably used this to sarcastically show the line of thought of an AntiPBF.

    “Feeling emotionally scarred, Tracy did the honorable and proper thing: She ratted out the iParty blue meanie to his corporate superiors” The author describes Tracy’s action of reporting the rude employee to his supervisors as honorable and proper. This shows that he supports Tracy’s actions. After that line, he is back to the sarcastic POV of the AntiPBF.

    “Not vulgar for sure – but how about annoying? Not the act of breast-feeding, mind you, but the behavior of well-educated parents who want to impose their version of an enlightened society upon the rest of us, without regard to our sensibilities. That sort of selfish, guerilla mentality is not just inconsiderate to those of us backward Americans who are not used to seeing babies suckling while we’re shopping for party supplies or dog food, it’s also unfair to the companies whose employees are only trying to do the right thing.” This paragraph really gets the author’s point across to me. He describes the publicly breastfeeding parents as WELL-EDUCATED. After that he is being sardonic again. By using “guerilla” he is implying a double meaning: The AntiPBFs see PBFs as sneaky, attack you from behind, “imposing their version of an enlightened society upon the rest of us” people, as you may describe guerilla fighters in a war. However, part of the deinition of guerilla is a weaker force fighting a stronger force, or in other words, UNDERDOGS. He is describing the PBF mothers in a compassionate way saying that they are the underdogs fighting for the right to do things their way. Next, the author describes AntiPBFs, including his own “voice” in the article, as the BACKWARD Americans, NOT the PBFs. Once again, he is supporting public breastfeeding. And finally, “companies whose employees are only trying to do the right thing” defends the employees from an AntiPBF point of view. Despite the employee’s personal beliefs, he/she is only following “orders”. The PBF supporter, such as myself, would say that the employee could pretend not to see the breastfeeding mother if he would get in trouble for not making her leave, or would graciously acknowledge the mother and maybe even get her a chair or something if he wasn’t going to get in trouble.

    “But one also has to ponder how this type of adult-baby behavior will eventually affect the child. No wonder there’s a legion of kids nowadays who have grown up thinking they’re extra-special, entitled and oh-so-superior; after all, it’s been imbedded into their id since they were fed mother’s milk.” All I can do is LOL if anybody thinks he is serious at this point! Everybody knows that breastfeeding does not produce selfish know-it-all kids. The way the parent raises the kid is, yes, but the selfish, know-it-all parents who would raise selfish, know-it-all kids are the ones who think that a breastfeeding mother should feed her baby on a toilet or in private to suit their desires. Mothers who breastfeed are usually the ones who want what is BEST for their children, which is not selfishness. Once again, I think the author is being completely and totally sarcastic by saying this.

    The rest of the article should be read as I described above– like the author is writing in a voice other than his own, from the point of view of a fanatical anti-public-breastfeeder.

    • cat says:

      I don’t think it was unnecessary for you to translate this worthless article we all understood, plain and clear. This Chuck is a low form of life, too ignorant to research what he is paid to do.

  30. Rachael says:

    Mojo mama I give you a standing ovation you are wonderful with your words, I have nothing to say to the man that you havent already said you go girl.

  31. LaraleighF says:


    Would you rather a) be supportive of a breastfeeding mother who not only provides her child’s food and cares for the child enough to take the time out of her day to feed and nurture him/her.


    Pay the formula bills for millions of low income families b/c they are not educated enough or don’t think it’s “acceptable” to nurse their children? And in doing so, cheat them out of a relationship with their children that encourages their involment in all aspects of his/her life b/c of that bond?

    A thought.


  32. Kristy says:

    Hi all!! I just wanted to bring to your attention that this writer wrote this, Charles Winokoor, is the business writer for the Taunton Daily Gazette. He wrote this however as an editorial. He also gladly gives his email on his website as :


    I see that as an opportunity to show him the magnitude of women and men that feel feeding an infant what was created specifically for them by their mother,is an important thing. Although ignorance is bliss, this is obviously a man that has never even seen a formula commercial’s disclosure as to breastmilk being better.

    Or maybe ladies… he just doesn’t care to cure his ignorance??

    Either way… enjoy the fact that *WE* know and do better for our children

    Mommy to Kayla, Kyle and Kaydance

  33. Aimee says:

    What a response! I second that standing ovation.

  34. ISabella says:

    How did I miss this the first time around? Honestly, when I saw it I really, HONESTLY thought it was a hoax. It was only after I read Mojo’s response that I thought it might be for real. He must be some kind of lower life form, like “a person” said, the only possible explanation is that he isn’t human. And he definitely poops out his mouth (then eats it). What an idiot.

  35. GORDON says:

    I think its too bad that there is such a misconception about breastfeeding in our society. My wife is exclusively nursing our beautiful and healthy 5 month old daughter, hopefully past the age of 2. My wife wrote a paper in her english class about a womans civil liberty to breastfeed in public. A classmate commented that he had once seen a woman breastfeeding in front of the foodcourt at the moll and he was so disgusted that he was not able to finish eating his food. Again, this is a complete cultural misperception of what breast are there for, and its very sad because the most important factor in determining whether a woman will breastfeed or not is if she has the support of her partner. There are many cultural stigmas/myths that need to be addressed. Its sad that breastfeeding in public is even an issue; breastmilk is the perfect food, a truly amazing gift of health that could save millions of babies lives. The multibillion dollar formula industry is working hard to perpetrate this myth, and avoid the truth of the many dangers behind formula. As the rates of diabetes, obesity and many other diseases are on the rise I think that people are becoming more and more upset- with all the cultural “norms”, like taking 10 different pharmaceuticals, eating highly processed crap, and giving a baby a bottle of formula. It is time for a change!

  36. bridget says:

    thank you for your truly intelligent and witty response to this ass. as someone who is having her third child whom i intend to breastfeed (as i did my other 2 sons), and as one who was breastfed herself by a mother who had to struggle through years of not only a lack of support from her entire community but also outright condemnation from many around her, i appreciate your standing up for those of us who continue to breastfeed regardless of what others may think.

  37. Bronwyn says:

    BRAVO!!! I was embarrassed by idiots like this w/ my daughter 9 yrs ago, but as I truly felt I was doing the right thing I persevered, and nursed my second child as well, even in public. now expecting my third, I feel much more empowered and confident standing my ground. Thanks in part to age and experience, but also to people like you letting us know we are not alone.
    I say again ~BRAVO!~

  38. reasonabledoubt says:

    fercrissake, i fully support a womans right to breastfeed her child in public. public park, city bus, museum, even eateries of all kinds and grocery stores.
    but nowhere in the article did i see anything about the store manager saying she couldnt do it in the store, *just not ‘here’ in the aisle*.
    smoking cigarettes in the park is still legal in many places, but is it right for someone to walk up and sit down on a blanket of five strangers having a picnic and light up, even if it is within his legal right to do so?
    she was sitting on the floor in the middle of the aisle.
    AND she was doing it to make a point? thats not breastfeeding your child in public, thats blocking an aisle on private property in order to *make a point*.
    she was potentially disrupting the business of the place she was sitting in, and she was doing it intentionally in order to prove a point. thats pretty far removed from the whoe spirit of the original concept of being able to breastfeed in public. thats just being an ass.
    and its pretty selfish.

  39. reasonabledoubt says:

    just to add to that…

    im not saying she had to go to the bathroom to feed her kiddo, yuck!
    but most grocery stores around where i am have cafes or at least cafe seating near the deli where it would be much more comfortable and appropriate for feeding, and would not have been blocking an aisle.
    or possibly carried the baby in a sling so she wouldnt have to *sit down* on the floor in the middle of the aisle.

    i *want* people to breastfeed their kids, i would *PREFER* it if everyone breastfed their children, but she would prolly get upset if some street buskers started playing reggae versions of show tunes from the 70s on their acoustic guitars and hand drums in the lobby of her workplace, even thobusking in public is legally allowed.

    • Simona says:

      You obviously haven’t had a kids yet. Just wait. If the child says I am hungry, give me food now by escalating cry … you don’t want to look for nothing but your boob. Trust me I’ve been there many times.

  40. Alli says:

    I would put money on it that if a woman bounced right in front of you with only a bikini top and a pair of shorts on you wouldn’t be complaining about HER showing her milk makers. That sure took a lot of balls for you to suggest she take her baby into the bathroom to feed it also, is that where you would like to eat your lunch? Sitting on a public crapper, yumm sounds appealing doesn’t it? And why would you even make the comparisons of urination and defecation? That makes no sense at all. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who see things the way you do. Oh by the way did you know that most breastfed babies don’t take a bottle? So you are saying in order to make YOU feel more comfortable a mother should either not feed her baby or go sit in a filthy public bathroom. WOW the ignorance just nauseates me. Oh hey, there is another bodily function you didn’t mention. Perhaps you could save that for your next intelligent article.

  41. Melissa O. says:

    What a shame. There are too many ignorant people out there, just like you. Next time you are out someplace and are hungry why don’t you stop off at the men’s room to eat? It’s a good thing that your opinion doesn’t amount to a spec in this world. I’m sorry for you that you can not see the beauty in such a natural and healthful thing as breastfeeding.

  42. Sue says:

    Amazing rebuttal! All 3 of my children were breast-fed; I FIRMLY believe both the nutritional and psychological benefits contributed to making them the amazingly intelligent people they are today! Breast-feeding extended my feeling of empowerment, initiated during our pregnancies and deliveries. While I am not a particularly “religious” person, I believe every person should use their bodies as they were designed, and let us all marvel at how “perfect” we are.

  43. Tanya says:

    Loved this and your other article with the breastfeeding pics! I am pregnant for the first time, and see that I may have an interesting experience when I breastfeed, which I intend to do. Fortunately, I live in a total hippie town (Bellingham, WA) where this sort of thing is pretty accepted. I swear, not all American are backwards-ass!

  44. Graeme says:

    I too thought ‘Charles’ was a sarcastic joke to begin with.

    Here in the UK it is official Mother’s Day today and just felt I should here thank my Mum for feeding me naturally as it sees to be such an issue these days.

    I read a newspaper article a couple of weeks ago about a guy who started spraying an aerosol ‘freshener’ after a mother fed her child in his shop. I thought it would be very dangerous to do such a thing near so young a person and that that was an assault even before he shouted “I have to do it because your breast milk stinks.”
    I try to have compassion for such a man – and for Charles – but quite honestly I was quite shocked at them.

    The other day when a friend of mine (in her 20s, has a 10 week old) was showing me and a couple of other people her website on a computer and suddenly asked me if I minded if she fed her son, I guessed she wasn’t actually asking my permission but was being ‘polite’ and explaining that she was going to leave to have privacy to do so. I was shocked when she asked us again, “Are you really sure?”. “No, not at all,” I said, “it is perfectly natural.”
    I guess she must have been intimidated by recent events. She is the first woman I have ever heard ask for permission to do so and I was embarssed she felt the need.

    Here in West Cornwall some consider we have a open attitude as there is such acceptance of artists. The director of my dance theatre company makes no apology as she feeds her (5th) child in front of us all (male and female, all ages, all abilities) during rehearsals. It is not because we are artists that I would be shocked if she asked for permission first.

    Dear ladies, please continue to be good, healthy and normal and do your best to nurture the next – and current – generations. The whole world needs you to.

  45. Mari says:

    The man was shopping for milk!

    I hope he wrapped it in plain packaging so no-one could see what an indecent product he was buying…

  46. Brittany says:

    You are entirely out of line and uneducated on this subject. Call it guerilla warfare if you like but we should “BE the change we want to see in this world” or it will only ever be talk. A country that believes in the value of children and cares about their needs by definition breastfeeds openly in public. 

    Many of us breastfeeders are actually incapable of using a bottle for many reasons (nipple confusion, low milk supply, breasts that are non-responsive to pumps etc. Look up those terms if you need to because obviously, as previously stated, you clearly know nothing about lactation). Or if we did it would harm out ability to feed our babies; and you offering that as a “well duh” kind of solution proves you don’t know thing one about this topic. 

    If you did, however, have ANY sort of education on this topic you would know that there is a whole bundle of hormonal, chemical, and emotional reactions that take place when direct mouth-to-nipple contact is made that is very important to the babies development, the amount of nutrients taken in, and the mothers ability to produce more milk. Any pediatrician, lactation consultant, or women’s health provider worth their weight recommends not using a bottle or pacifier for at least 6 weeks and then very little if possible after that. And formula, of course, is a scam and a health nightmare that NO educated and caring parent should ever want to subject their kids to. Don’t believe me? Just read the ingredients. Not to mention the recalls. 

    Breastfeeding whenever baby’s bundle of needs and instincts demands where ever he may be is essential to good health and development. But clearly, you didn’t read the memo. 

    Check out the World Health Organizations website. 

    You owe every nursing mother and baby an apology. 


    Teach me your way, O LORD, 
     and I will walk in your truth; 
     give me an undivided heart, 
     that I may fear your name.
    Ps 86:11

  47. Brittany says:

    Sorry. I meant to specify in that last comment that was the letter I sent to him!! 🙂

  48. Brandy says:

    I don’t have a problem with Mom’s breastfeeding in public, but I do find it kind of odd for grownups to sit down in the middle of a grocery store isle. People made comparisons to breastfeeding in the restroom to eating your lunch in the restroom, and well, I wouldn’t eat my lunch sitting on the floor of the dairy department either. I have a feeling that since it was in the milk isle in particular that it was also intended to prove a point about breastfeeding in public. Now, the people who have said it disgusts them to see mother’s feeding their babies formula need to wake up and realize that not every person is able to breastfeed. I tried with my first and wasn’t able to and feel like I failed quite enough without critisism from those mothers who could.

  49. Gwyn says:

    At this point, anything at all regarding birth and procreation has been so highly sexualized in our psyches from generation after generation of males looking for a breeding partner based on baby-ready traits that there is no separating the two. Big breasts mean more milk (presumably). Flaring hips are considered ‘child-baring’ hips, with a tiny waist accentuating the trait.

    A better method of dealing with these leftover genes from a bygone era is to come to terms with the fact that we are all sexual beings and that’s okay. Vilifying the sexual nature of adults has only been going on for the past few thousand years or so. Since when did being ‘civilized’ mean denying our very nature? We all need food, shelter, and (since we are essentially social creatures) the company of others of our race to interact with. And yes, to breed with.

    Fact: Breasts are for feeding infants.
    Fact: Babies come from the act of sex. If anyone’s unaware of this, it’s time to face a few ‘unpleasant’ truths. The stork/angel does not leave the babies in a basket/cloth on the doorstep/in the cabbage patch. The miracle of life is messy, intimate, and a whole lot of fun for those doing the baby-making. No, if it feels good, you’re NOT doing it wrong.

    The sexuality of a woman who is feeding a child is not in question here. She is the primal epitome of all that is woman. She is mother. She’s been there, done that, got the teeshirt, and shredded the teeshirt to make baby nappies and towels to wipe up spills. It is the knee-jerk uncomfortable reaction that throws anyone’s sexuality into question. Is it the fact that he finds it arousing on some level? Is it painful to be reminded of the ultimate consequence of fulfilling such an act? Who the heck cares?

    The fact is, he has a voice and is published. He might even be seen as an ‘expert’ in some cases. It is not his opinion that should be under the microscope, but the very idea that his might mean more than yours. If he is the voice of the press, then we have much more work to do than we thought.

  50. Melanie says:

    Great rebuttal! What a tool.

  51. Nicole says:

    Amazing response! Breast is best!

  52. cat says:

    What an ignorant ass! I can’t believe that the Taunton Daily Gazette would allow this idiot to write all this trash and nonsense. Thanks for your response Mojo, as a nursing mom it makes me very angry that a piece of trash like Chuck could look at breast in magazines and TV and be okay but when he sees an infant nursing at his mother’s breast be so extremely offended and feel the need to voice his worthless, ignorant, cynic, and moronic opinion.

  53. chris waterson says:

    I myself would bye breast milk by the liters if i could, though i do belive there is a time and place for the “girls ladies” to let there gorgeous breasts out such as family rooms not in the middle of a shopping mall or even they should express but its entiley up to them luv u all

  54. Cindy says:

    Oh. My. Word. Having stumbled across this article and really enjoying your response, I finally decided to look up Mr. Ignorant, oh, I mean Winokoor, and found this very ironic article: http://www.tauntongazette.com/columnists/x2108622037/WINOKOOR-Is-customer-service-still-an-elusive-art-form

    The irony here is amazing. I wonder if we need to refresh his memory about customer service towards mothers and babies too, or perhaps four years ago he must have gotten the message, or perhaps some much-needed education? Nah, the tone of his current article would imply otherwise.

    The article actually SAYS

    “…people tend to take seriously how they’re treated in stores, restaurants and just about any other venue that necessitates personal contact.” “…Why would anyone risk losing a job by treating a customer shabbily, and why would any employer keep on staff anyone who does that?”

    WOW. Really Mr. Winokoor?

    Read more: http://www.tauntongazette.com/archive/x2108622037/WINOKOOR-Is-customer-service-still-an-elusive-art-form#ixzz1Suetlt9P

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