Trinity Jade- Smarty Pants

I love my daughter, she amazes me to no end. All the laughs, smiles and tears that we share are just immeasurable in intensity. Who knew the mother-daughter bond could be so compelling and completing. Trinity is almost 26mo now. She recently started signing the alphabet with me. She loves it, it’s one of her favorite games. Next to hiding with Daddy, pretending our fingers are tickle worms, reading and puzzles. She forms the letter “A” (a closed fist) with her hand and says,”Mommy, look at this, A!” Then I’ll do “B,” she’ll copy me and so on. Granted she is only accurately signing about 8 letters, she is still attempting to sign them all. I don’t really care so much that she is signing considering she is a hearing child, but the fact that she is so into it reinforces her knowledge and fluency of our alphabet. She knows the alphabet and recognizes many written letters as well. She counts to 10, knows her left foot from right, knows most colors and is learning her shapes rather quickly. It’s such an honor to be her educator in these first few delicate years. I can make sure that it is done in a manner that is acceptable to me. I really hate it for mothers who have to put their children in childcare programs and they miss out on these precious first years when our children are so innocent, so impressionable and so much stinkin’ fun! Just had to get my brag on LOL

About Mamamojo

My name is T. I am a homeschooling, home/water birthing, dreadlocked, special needs mama to four beautiful daughters. I'm married to my best friend. I am a natural childbirth and breastfeeding advocate. I have done some volunteer work as a peer counselor with WIC and as a doula with Birthwell Partners and plan to be a midwifery assistant one day. My blog was created to put some alternative information out there about breastfeeding, childbirth & other issues regarding motherhood and life in general. I hope that you enjoy reading here and visit me often. Thanks for reading!
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