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Are you an Alabama Mom?

January 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Mission Statement: is a forum for the discussion and promotion of attachment parenting in Alabama and surrounding areas, and for Alabama mothers from all walks of life to connect, share information and ideas, and form friendships.

I joined this forum in April of 2007. I have really enjoyed the sisterhood of this wonderful AP community These women are such an inspiration and invaluable resource for Mamahood. My sister is founder of this awesome community and I thank her ( ) everyday for creating such a peaceful and helpful environment filled with supportive, intelligent , educated and like-minded Mama’s. If you’re feeling like you need some more Mama mojo – you’ll find it here.

So if you are looking for some local Mama’s to meet up with for a Girl’s Night Out , wanna rendezvous for a playdate at the park or you just wanna kick back with a cup of hot tea or even a cold beer and chit chat with some like-minded Mama’s then Alabama Moms is the place for you!

Take me to Alabama Moms!

Wake up call

March 18, 2007 Leave a comment

What form shall I take
It is solely up to me
Actions based on experiences, trying to break free
What actions shall I take, no longer based on fear
Knowing that all I’ve done has finally led me here
For so long with so much struggle, in a world that I created
Misery now forever gone, as I become elated
Such a path of turns and twists and my own knives in my spine
Thankful for this awareness though it was always mine
Harsh words and criticism spread like wild fire in the breeze
Infecting the lungs of others like germs from a sneeze
Filtering everything becomes necessity unfortunate or not
Censorship a defensive mechanism, sometimes it’s all you’ve got
Amazing what a wake-up call can do for the mind
I’m just glad that it was me on the other end of that line
Life is one big paradox or so it often seems
Until you really live this life you’re owned by your own schemes
I used to hesitate & waver in action, purpose, & intent, indeed all I did was falter
Luckily it was no pill that cured my ill, it was the beauty of my daughter
I invite you all to examine your lives, as objectively as you’ll allow
Here’s wishing you the same paradigm shift and inner peace and reality somehow

Yeh so, if you haven’t, get a friggin copy of Wayne Dyers “Erroneous Zones,” they sell on E-bay for $1 a copy. I’m telling you this because I care…buy the book. If you have to, put the damn thing in your bathroom and read it every time you um, well, you know. Seriously, don’t say you don’t have time to read, it’s a small paperback book that will revolutionize your life. DO IT!


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