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My Children

March 18, 2008 1 comment

I just have to do it, I gotta say it – I LOVE MY KIDS.
Where would I be if my daughters were not in my life?
What would I be doing?
Most importantly, who in the world would I be? It’s crazy that the yearning I felt to have children prior to being a mom could never hold a candle to the reality of having them. It’s amazing in an inexplainable way having another human being compliment my soul. Today I have stopped to look my daughters right in their eyes and just see them. I have just watched them play, played with them, and loved on them literally ALL DAY long. It is so scary to think about where I may be had I never had my children. Did I really ever know anything before I kids? How can anyone really know what living is all about that hasn’t created an extension of their life and had everything worth anything in life reflected there? I just had to say that the most challenging thing in my life has also been the most rewarding. I just love my kids, that’s all.

My failsafe sinus/cold remedy

March 13, 2008 Leave a comment

fail-safe [feyl-seyf] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation adjective, noun, verb, -safed, -saf·ing. –adjective

1. guaranteed to work; totally reliable

2.something designed to work or function automatically to prevent breakdown of a mechanism, system, or the like.

For those of you who HATE HATE HATE sinus pain/congestion,  that tickle or itch in your throat and that general rundown feeling – here’s what I do when it hits. Of course you are welcome to pick and choose your course of action and you don’t have to do all of these but I HIGHLY recommend that you up your Vitamin C intake (with Emergen-C now sold at Wal-Mart and every drug store), do the Peroxide regimen and swallow the cut up cloves of garlic if you can. These three things are my fall back and if I do nothing else I do these three things and I swear by them!!

Get thee some Peroxide! Most people already have this in their homes. Put a few drops into your ear and let it bubble until it stops. Do not dilute the Peroxide. It will itch a little but it does not hurt one bit. Make sure you do this in both ears morning and night for up to 3 days after symptoms go away.  I also do this as a preventative if we’ve been somewhere super germy during flu and cold season. Even my 2yr old lets me do this for her.

You can also gargle with diluted Peroxide.  It doesn’t taste great but you can drink something afterward.  Use about an ounce of Peroxide in 3oz of water and gargle for as long as you can until it’s all gone – it’ll take that itch right out of your throat and kill whatever is growing there.

Swallow a good 6 cloves of garlic. Cut them up if you need to. I would take 6 at the onset of symptoms and another 6 cloves 12 hours later.

Drink some Emergen-C at the onset of symptoms and again every 6-12hrs up to 3x a day.

Use the Neti pot ASAP. I like to use mine 2x a day (morning & night). Remember to use it on both sides Mine comes with a salt solution and a Zinc solution that are important in cleaning things up in there.

Colloidal Silver is a must. It has to touch what it heals so you guessed it – right on up the nose. Make sure you put some up each side at the onset of symptoms and at least 3x a day.

A great homeopathic for Sinusitis that I have seen results with is Mezereum 6c. You can also try Sinusalia®.

If your throat is scratchy/sore, get some Wild Cherry Bark or some Eldertussin Syrup. They are both VERY soothing.

It’s always good to attack it from all angles so get yourself a good ear oil, too. I use Wally’s Ear Oil and it works great.

All you should be drinking is water (and of course the occasional Emergen-C). Try to get as much rest as possible. I have found that plugging the tub and turning on a steaming hot shower with a few drops of Eucalyptus oil or a mix of Tea Tree and Peppermint oils will help with your breathing as well. Try the TTO and Peppermint oil in a lamp ring diffuser, it’s awesome.

I hope this helps you Mamas as much as it has helped me. I SWEAR by this!! I went to bed (and it wasn’t the first time) feeling just terrible. The pressure in my head was insane, I was dizzy from the sinus pressure. But after my treatment that day I woke up feeling a LOT better and I know that continuing my treatment again today I will be just fine This is coming from someone who usually must get prescription meds to clear up my sinus infections.

It’s that time of year Mamas…stock up on your Emergen-C, fresh garlic, Colloidal Silver, EOs, homeopathics and get yourself a Neti Pot!!

Just a note: If buying homeopathics/herbs and other stuff is too pricey for your budget, contact Frontier for information on setting up a co-op where you can purchase all of these things at wholesale pricing (and you don’t have to buy products in bulk).

and feel better soon!

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