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6 week update

August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

Today we had our 6 week post-partum check-up with Kelli (my midwife).  I lost 30lbs in 6 weeks!  I couldn’t believe it considering I’ve done nothing proactively to lose it!!  Technically tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I stopped bleeding and I was told by Kelli that I am not allowed to exercise until 2 weeks after I stop.  So it’s good to know that the weight is gonna come off easily, especially since 30 of it already came off on it’s own!!  Beside my stomach muscles still being separated from the pregnancy, I am in good health and good shape.  Kelli says I have 6mo to try to close the separation or it will not close.  But sit-ups and crunches should help with that.  She let me feel her abs, then showed me on mine where the muscle is separated, it felt weird.  Seeing the muscle on a diagram helped me understand it all. I love Kelli, she is so good at explaining things and making sure you understand them. 

Trinity and I are going to start doing Yoga every morning, at least it’s my hope that she’ll do it with me.  I think she will though because she’s very much into imitating me and things she sees on her shows lately.  Trinity is still as sweet as can be with Journey.  Wanting to kiss and hold and ‘love on her’ as she says, all the time.  Journey is responding okay to the Zantac for her reflux and the Gripe Water for the gassiness/colic/whatever you wanna call it.  I am so grateful that my sister lent me her Mei Tei because wearing Journey really helps when she goes into super fussy mode.  We’ve pretty much gotten the thrush under control though some days I still feel it.  We’re doing lots of GSE and Probiotics and even had 2 rounds of Diflucan so hopefully we’ve knocked it out!  Just wanted to send out a little update. 


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