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U.S. govt calls for end to dairy weight loss ads – bout friggin’ time!

May 14, 2007 2 comments

For anyone trying to lose weight and lead a healthier life, I applaud you. How confusing and frustrating it must be to hear from multiple different sources how all these different diets and supplements work, yet none do. I truly feel that there is no magic ‘diet.’ I believe that you must change your diet (the way you eat all the time) all together in order to really accomplish anything with regards to better health and weight loss. That being said, I am so happy that the current claims of “consuming more dairy promotes weight loss” is being blown out of the water. There was never, nor will will there ever be scientific evidence to support this claim. C’mon people, think about it…cows milk was is designed for bovines, not for humans (human milk is designed for humans, but that’s a whole other blog…). Seriously, cow’s milk was designed to nourish baby cows, designed to take them to some weight nearing 1,000lbs or more by the age of 18mo (correct me if I am wrong, I know it’s something along those lines). So how then can it be so beneficial in weight loss attempts for humans? How can it in fact be healthy at all? I’m talking pesticides, antibiotics and hormones aside here. I’m just addressing the chemical make-up alone and what this milk is designed to do? Yet we pump our bodies and the bodies of our children full of it because someone else says it’s good for our bones, our teeth, and weight loss? Yeh, I just don’t follow.  And it burns me up that the FDA wouldn’t allow the breastfeeding commercials to air due to “flawed studies” but the dairy industry has been running these ads for years…

U.S. govt calls for end to dairy weight loss ads Fri May 11, 9:24 PM ET

U.S. dairy producers will have to stop pitching the idea that drinking more milk spurs weight loss, the Federal Trade Commission told a physician’s advocacy group in a letter made public on Friday.
Calling it a “victory for consumers,” the Physicians for Responsible Medicine said two national dairy advertising campaigns overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture will stop claiming that dairy products cause weight loss because “such claims are not supported by existing scientific research.”
Greg Miller, senior vice president for the National Dairy Council, said the industry stands “behind our weight loss messages and the science supporting those messages.”
But Miller said that at the request of USDA, the industry would shift its messages “to emphasize the role of dairy in weight maintenance” instead of weight loss.
USDA could not be immediately reached for comment on the FTC letter.
The doctors’ organization cited a May 3 letter from FTC, which told the group that following discussions with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it would “discontinue all advertising and other marketing activities involving weight loss claims until further research provides stronger more conclusive evidence of an association between dairy consumption and weight loss.”
In its April 2005 petition to the FTC, the advocacy group charged that the dairy industry was misleading the public with its high profile, celebrity-filled marketing campaign that suggested consuming milk and other dairy products helped consumers lose weight.
“Milk and cheese are more likely to pack on pounds than help people slim down,” said Dan Kinburn, PCRM’s general counsel. “This case calls into question other advertising claims made by the industry, especially the notion that milk builds strong bones. Evidence shows it does nothing of the kind.”

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